Version v2016R1 – This is a major release for jWordConvert which adds support for embedding fonts in the converted PDF documents. Embedding the fonts guarantees that the resulting PDFs render the same on all machines regardless of the fonts installed or the OS. Previously, the converted PDFs were referencing fonts by name and could only render properly when the fonts were found on the machine. To minimize the size of the output PDFs, fonts are sub-setted to only include the characters present in the document. Another big feature added this version is a better handling of non-Latin characters, including CJK and symbol fonts. Previously non-Latin characters were drawn in the PDF, they are now preserved as characters rather than shapes.

Note to existing customers: the default behavior of jWordConvert has changed in the way it handles fonts. Previous versions of the library were not embedding fonts. The new default behavior is to embed fonts. Please read the KB entry “setting the option to embed or not embed fonts” that contains more information about this as well as instructions to revert to the previous behavior. 

New Features

[JWOR-277] – Option to embed system fonts when converting Word documents
[JWOR-18] – All embedded fonts are subsetted to only include characters present in the document
[JWOR-278] – Insert non-latin characters (such as symbol text) as text instead of drawing as shapes
[JWOR-219] – Support Symbol fonts such as Symbol, Wingdings and Webdings
[JWOR-101] – API to specify handling of missing font with global substitute font and named substitute fonts

Bug Fixes

[JWOR-102] – Hyperlink annotations are a bit too short, not using correct line height (.docx)
[JWOR-275] – Improve rendering performance of a long line of image data
[JWOR-290] – null pointer exception on conversion
[JWOR-294] – Do not display default placeholder text such as “Click here to enter text” for SDT content items
[JWOR-305] – Document Specific: Some images not rendering
[JWOR-308] – Document Specific: Use Arial when Lucida Bright Font is missing
[JWOR-315] – (Maybe) [Windows] Rhino Not Found Exception in log file
[JWOR-316] – Header image positioned off page (incorrect reading of margin values)
[JWOR-318] – Brace Shape not converted correctly from Word to PDF
[JWOR-295, 306, 307] – Multiple Documents – Fix Apache POI Infinite Loop

Sample Application Improvements

[JWOR-311] – Sample App – Add radio buttons to give option to embed or not embed fonts
[JWOR-310] – Sample App does not show that conversion has stopped w/exception