Q: When converting PDF to SVG, in the output HTML, we need to highlight specific words or phrases and add a clickable link on them. Is it possible to do so with jPDFWeb?

A: At the moment, there is no way to add tags into the PDF that will then be carried into the HTML when converting with jPDFWeb. However, if you need to add a URL around some text in the output HTML, you can do so by adding them to the original PDF document. When jPDFWeb converts a PDF document, existing links in the PDF are preserved and converted to xlink objects in the SVG / HTML output. This is currently working for external links only that are linking to URLs and not for internal document links going to a specific page or location within the PDF document.

To add links to the original PDF, you can use our PDF library called jPDFProcess. Here is a java sample showing how to add link annotations around specific text in a PDF document using jPDFProcess.