Q: It seems that jPDFWEb is converting from PDF to SVG format and when choosing to save as HTML, jPDFWeb simply writes an HTML wrapper around the converted SVG format. Can jPDFWeb convert PDF documents directly to HTML without the use of SVG?

jPDFWeb can not convert PDF to pure HTML commands. It has to make use of the SVG format for the following reasons:

  • SVG format is very similar to PDF. It allows exact positioning of text, images and shapes instead of floating positioning in the case of HTML. A conversion from PDF to SVG can be very accurate with what you see in the original PDF is what you get in the output SVG.
  • SVG can preserve vector graphics present in the original PDF and many other sophisticated features present in PDF such as transparency features.
  • SVG can be embedded into HTML (in HTML5) and is supported by most browsers and platforms.