PDF Automation Server v2017R1 added support for non-Latin and CJK languages as well as new Latin languages. Click here for the Download Links for OCR Languages.

In order to use the new OCR language packs, they have to be manually installed on the server by following the directions below:

Import additional languages into PDF Automation Server

  1. Find the language you wish to install from the list below
  2. Click on the link to download the language pack files
  3. Extract / Copy the files contained in the gz file into the PAS tessdata directory
    • found in {installation directory}/lib/tess/tessdata
  4. Restart the PDF Automation Server
    On Windows
    Start cmd as administrator
    cd to QoppaPAS installation folder
    cd ../../Program Files/QoppaPAS
    QoppaPAS -restart

    On Linux
    Start terminal as the Root user
    cd to QoppaPAS installation folder
    cd ../../Program Files/QoppaPAS
    sudo service QoppaPAS restart
  5. You will now be able to select the new language from the dropdown in the OCR wizard