Interested in easily deploying PDF processes in the cloud or running PDF services? Qoppa Software’s new REST API is done just for that and allows customers to create, edit and serve PDF documents through simple REST calls.

Qoppa Software REST API is comprehensive, flexible interface to our existing powerful Java API.

What is REST?

REST is based on the HTTP protocol and is a simple way to provide services over the web. Since it is widely supported, REST integrates easily with existing workflows and processes. It can be called from any language (.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery) and any platform (sales force, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine) that supports REST.

What are the functions supported?

  • Converting PDF to HTML5 / SVG
  • Convert PDF to Images (PNG, TIFF, JPEG)
  • Convert Images (PNG, TIFF, JPEG) to PDF
  • Convert Microsoft Word to PDF
  • Convert Text Files to PDF
  • Merging and Assembling PDFs
  • Adding Watermarks, Header and Footer
  • Securing PDFs with Passwords and Permissions
  • Electronically Signing PDFs
  • Merging / Exporting / Flattening Form Fields
  • Importing / Exporting / Flattening Annotations
  • OCR (Windows, Linux)
  • Optimizing
  • Linearizing
  • More…

How about licensing?

Qoppa’s REST API is included as part of Qoppa PDF Automation Server. It is available for deployment and installation at your site, on your own servers.  That means that you do not have to pay high monthly fee per documents but are able to purchase the technology for a one-time flat fee per server. Support and upgrades contract will be available for a yearly fee.

Want to know more?

Visit Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server Home Page

Visit REST API Documentation