Q: When I try to connect to the PDF Automation Server Rest Module I get an error saying “This site cannot be reached”. How can I fix this?

A: Follow the troubleshooting steps below to get connected to your server

Make sure the PAS service is running

First check to make sure that the server is started and running.

  1. Open the command line (or terminal) on the server running PAS
  2. From the command line navigate to the PAS installation directory and enter:
    • Windows: “QoppaPAS -status”
    • Mac: sudo QoppaPAS status
    • Linux: sudo service QoppaPAS status
  3. This will return “Running” if the server is running correctly.
    • If not, replace “status” with “start” to get the server started

For more information see how to check the server is correctly started.

Check your IP address & Port configuration

Check to make sure that you are using the correct IP Address & Port when connecting to the server. You can confirm your IP Address & Port settings through the PAS manager.

  1. Launch PAS Manager and connect to your server. (See Getting Started with PAS)
  2. Go to Settings > REST Settings
  3. Under “General” the “Rest Server” you will find the IP address used to receive REST calls on the server. When set to a specific address, calls can only be made to the server from the specific address. If set to the server will serve REST resources on all available network interfaces.
  4. Make sure that HTTP and/or HTTPS is enabled and then verify that you are using the correct port (default will be 8090 for HTTP and 8091 for HTTPS)

The server address should be entered as [Server IP or hostname]:[Rest Server Port]. For example: “myhostname:8090” or “”

Check your firewall settings

It’s possible you could have a firewall blocking outside access to the PAS REST server. Check your firewall settings and make sure that either the “QoppaPAS” process or the port being used by PAS (default 8090 for HTTP and 8091 for HTTPS) are allowed through your firewall.