When migrating to a different server, please complete and submit the form below. Once complete, we will process your request and send you the new license key via email.

1. Fill License Transfer Form

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Current Server Info

Enter the server information for the currently active license. To find your library version, follow the instructions in HERE

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Current Server Host Name:*
Current License Key:*
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New Server Info

In order to issue a new license key for the server, we need either a Key Request file or the host name and number of CPUs. See Retrieving Your Server / Host Information for details on how to generate the Key Request file or obtain your server information.

Key Request File (Recommended)

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Server Details

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* I confirm by submitting this request that once the license for the new server has been activated, the license on the current(old) server will be deactivated and no longer used.

2. License Transfer Fee

  • Subscription or Active Upgrade & Support Contract: Free

    If you have a active subscription or Upgrade & Support contract in place, the transfer to the new server is free (assuming the new server has the same processing power as the old server), and you can upgrade to the latest library version.

  • No Contract, Same Library Version: Pay Transfer Fee

    If you do not have an active Upgrade and Support contract in place, use the link below to pay for the transfer fee (per server). This fee is for transferring to the new server and does not include an upgrade to the latest library version. We will issue a license key for your new server, using the same version of the library that you are running on your old server. This is only valid for old licenses that were sold as eternal.

Pay Server License Transfer Fee

  • No Contract, Upgrade to New Library Version: Get a Quote

    If you would like to upgrade to the latest version of the library, which is recommended, contact us after submitting the license transfer form above. We will email you a quote for the upgrade.

    Contact Us For an Upgrade Quote