In order for us to issue a license file or license key for your server, we need more information about the server that is running the library such as library version, host names, CPU, etc.. Please follow the steps below to send us this information:

1) Open a command prompt

2) Change the directory to be the directory where our library jar resides.

3) Run the following command line depending on the Qoppa’s PDF library that you have purchased:

// jPDFAssemble
java -jar jPDFAssemble.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFFields
java -jar jPDFFields.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFImages
java -jar jPDFImages.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFOptimizer
java -jar jPDFOptimizer.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFProcess
java -jar jPDFProcess.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFPrint
java -jar jPDFPrint.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFSecure
java -jar jPDFSecure.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFText
java -jar jPDFText.jar -genkeyreq
// jPDFWeb
java -jar jPDFWeb.jar -genkeyreq
// jOfficeConvert
java -jar jOfficeConvert.jar -genkeyreq

4) This command will generate a file called [LibraryName].keyreq (where [LibraryName] is the library you are using, jPDFProcess.keyreq or jOfficeConvert.keyreq for instance)

5) Email us this file. Include the company name of the license holder, We will issue a new license file or license key. If are upgrading from a previous version, include your old license file or license key as well.

Older versions of our libraries do not support the “-genkeyreq” argument. You can see what Java reports by running a java program that echoes:

System.out.println (InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName());

Or you can download the jar file below and run it:

java -jar HostInfoS.jar

Make sure to email us the output and your current license file / key, if any.