Below are the build notes for v2017R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jPDFPreflight.

v2017R1.07 – January 24 2018 
JPDF-1097 – Enhance jPDFPreflight Sample Application
JPDF-1076 – Remove unused objects as part of pdf/a conversion

v2017R1.06 – December 22 2017 
JPDF-1135 – Various improvements to preflight parser to handle invalid PDF documents better
JPDF-1134 – Fix ArrayOutOfBoundException in Java Font Program

v2017R1.05 – November 22 2017
JPDF-1095 – Regression: PDF/A-1b verification fails due to “CIDSet is not consistent with the font file”. We reviewed CIDSet and Charset Validation for PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2 in jPDFPreflight.

v2017R1.04 – October 11 2017
Added LocalFont interface and method to let the application retrieve a list of the fonts that we see for embedding

v2017R1.03 – September 25 2017
JPDF-1079 – Converted document to PDF/A-2b shows as non compliant in Adobe Acrobat due to incomplete CIDSet

Version v2017R1.02 – September 13 2017
JPDF-1071 – PDF/A-2b conversion does not validate due to link annotations’ content streams missing resource dictionaries

Version v2017R1.01 – August 11 2017
JPDF-1051 – PDF/A Compliance: Trim metadata entries in dictionary before comparing with XMP meta data

Version v2017R1.00 – August 01 2017
Original release, see Release Notes for v2017R1