Below are the build notes for v2017R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jPDFPreflight.

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v2017R1.13 – June 19 2018
JPDF-1225 – Old version of Tahoma.ttf is not embeddable for PDF/A conversion – Reinterpret embeddable permission when multiple bits set

v2017R1.12 – May 24 2018
JPDF-1206 – Fix for ConcurrentModificationException when running PDF/A Validation when checking XMP Metada

v2017R1.11 – May 03 2018
JPDF-1204 – Fix errors when editing inline images during PDF/A conversion. Decode parameters were not always copied and images would appear garbled.

v2017R1.10 – April 16 2018
JPDF-1152 – Flatten interactive forms when converting to PDF/A. This is consistent with what other applications do on conversion and prevents validation issues (such as fields missing visual appearances) with field widgets.
JPDF-1152 – Remove JavaScript when converting to PDF/A
JPDF-1180 – Optional content is allowed in PDF/A-2 and beyond
JPDF-1181 – PDF/A Validation: Do not count glyph ID 0 as an undefined glyph
PS-4194 – Preflight Validation for PDF/A-2b does not output the symbols in the validation report indicating if the preflight results are fixable without warning (!), fixable with warnings (!X) or unfixable (X) by the corresponding conversion profile.
JPDF-1177 – Document Specific: Allow for negligible differences in fonts Width Validation to be consistent with other applications and avoid validation issue “Font widths must be the same in both the font dictionary and the embedded font file”

v2017R1.09 – March 23 2018 
JPDF-1166 – Support converting to PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-3b Swhen output intent is RGB but a shading is using DeviceCMYK. This resolves the issue reading “Device specific color space used in shading (DeviceCMYK)…”
JPDF-1167 – Document Specific: Fix infinite loop when parsing a pdf stream when converting document to PDF/A-1b

v2017R1.08 – March 09 2018 
JPDF-1153 – New Preflight Conversion Feature: Fix validation error “cmap table contains 2 encodings but should only contain 1”
JPDF-1155 – New Preflight Conversion Feature: Fix validation error “Font Helvetica is not embedded” (due to a “Differences” / custom encoding instead of WinAnsiEncoding or MacRomanEncoding)
JPDF-1165 – jPDFPreflight Sample App is no longer showing the icons (red ‘x’ for errors, yellow ‘!’ for warnings) in the results tree indicating whether pdf/a issues can be fixed during pdf/a conversion or not

v2017R1.07 – January 24 2018 
JPDF-1097 – Enhance jPDFPreflight Sample Application
JPDF-1076 – Remove unused objects as part of pdf/a conversion

v2017R1.06 – December 22 2017 
JPDF-1135 – Various improvements to preflight parser to handle invalid PDF documents better
JPDF-1134 – Fix ArrayOutOfBoundException in Java Font Program

v2017R1.05 – November 22 2017
JPDF-1095 – Regression: PDF/A-1b verification fails due to “CIDSet is not consistent with the font file”. We reviewed CIDSet and Charset Validation for PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2 in jPDFPreflight.

v2017R1.04 – October 11 2017
Added LocalFont interface and method to let the application retrieve a list of the fonts that we see for embedding

v2017R1.03 – September 25 2017
JPDF-1079 – Converted document to PDF/A-2b shows as non compliant in Adobe Acrobat due to incomplete CIDSet

Version v2017R1.02 – September 13 2017
JPDF-1071 – PDF/A-2b conversion does not validate due to link annotations’ content streams missing resource dictionaries

Version v2017R1.01 – August 11 2017
JPDF-1051 – PDF/A Compliance: Trim metadata entries in dictionary before comparing with XMP meta data

Version v2017R1.00 – August 01 2017
Original release, see Release Notes for v2017R1

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