Below are the build notes for v2018R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jPDFPreflight.

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Version v2018R1.18 – April 26 2023
Publish all libraries with homogenized version number
Update all code signing certificates
Include all fixes and improvements to underlying parsing engine

Version v2018R1.05 – April 22 2019
JPDF-1364 – Do not use PFB format when embedding standard 14 fonts to avoid new “Invalid font” or “Font is not valid” preflight errors in Adobe Acrobat DC & Callas PDF/A Validators. A preflight validation rule was added to recent versions of Adobe Acrobat & Callas which flag any embedded fonts in PFB format as invalid. We changed the embedded font format in order to avoid triggering this validation error.

Version v2018R1.04 – March 29 2019
JPDF-1363 – Add PDF/A-2b Validation + Conversion for “Spot Color Representations are inconsistent”

Version v2018R1.03 – March 06 2019
JPDF-1354 – PDF/A Conversion: Add option to flatten or retain empty signature fields. See
See PDFAConversionOptions.setSignatureFields(PDFAConversionOptions.OPTION_FLATTEN);

Version v2018R1.02 – Jan 25 2019
JPDF-1339 – PDF/A 2b validation fails with error “Font is symbolic but specifies an Encoding entry.”, validates in other tools

Version v2018R1.01 – Dec 04 2018
JPDF-1314 – PDF/A Conversion: Handle invalid XMP metadata (XML Parse Exception). Recreate metadata from document properties entries

Version v2018R1.00 – August 01 2018

Original release, see Release Notes for v2018R1