Below are the build notes for v2019R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jPDFPreflight.

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Version v2019R1.04 – June 24 2020
JPDF-1651 – Give a PDF/A validation error for fonts embedded as TTC (True Type Collection)
JPDF-1452 – Persist order of preflight results annotations across various preflight runs (don’t use Hashmap)

Version v2019R1.03 – March 10 2020
JPDF-1445 – Document does not convert properly to PDF/A 1b: Document properties do not match XMP Data

Version v2019R1.02 – Feb 20 2020
JPDF-1442 – PDF/A 2b document valid in Adobe Acrobat gives a validation error in JPDFPreflight “Page uses transparency but has no Blending Color Space”

Version v2019R1.01 – Dec 11 2019
JPDF-1426 – PDF/A Validation: Getting “Length field of stream dictionary” error when the PDF contains an attachment

Version v2019R1.00 – June 14 2019
Main Release. See v2019R1 Main Release Notes.