Below are the build notes for v2020R2 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert that converts Microsoft Word documents and Excel worksheets to PDF in Java.

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Version v2020R2.20 – October 12 2021

JOFFICE-589 – Word to PDF: Add support for level override to avoid incorrect numbering of sections
Improve Javadoc to clarify supported Microsoft Word format

Version v2020R2.19 – September 02 2021
JOFFICE-585 – Excel to PDF: javax.xml.bind.JAXBException Provider ContextFactory could not be instantiated
JOFFICE-582 – Excel to PDF Support for Legacy Arabic Fonts Sultan Fonts

Version v2020R2.18 – Internal Release
Internal Release

Version v2020R2.17 – August 19 2021
JOFFICE-579 – Add Support for OpenType OTF / CFF Font (no subset!) + Handle Univers Invalid Glyph Table
JOFFICE-577 – Additional work for MS Word Legacy Arabic Fonts: ligatures, punctuation, spacing, etc…

Version v2020R2.16 – August 16 2021
JOFFICE-577 – Implement Support for Microsoft Word Legacy Arabic encoding and glyphs selection

Version v2020R2.15 – July 26 2021
JOFFICE-575 – Fix some positioning and spacing issues in CJK font and between paragraphs

Version v2020R2.14 – July 06 2021
JOFFICE-564 – Word to PDF Conversion – Text Boxes too large – Add support for Autofit (Resize Shape to Fit Text) Format Shape Property

Version v2020R2.13 – March 24 2021

JOFFICE-553 – Word to PDF improvements with arrows, tags, image positioning / alignment and floating layout
JOFFICE-561 – Floating layouts inside table cells that vertically centered is off

Version v2020R2.12 – March 05 2021
JOFFICE-560 – Table displaying in the header instead of main page content

Version v2020R2.11 – February 23 2021
JOFFICE-554 – Word to PDF Conversion Errors – Multiple Documents – Fix exception due to empty path list in drawingML object

Version v2020R2.10 – February 05 2021
JOFFICE-551 – Word to PDF: 2 regressions issues with infinite loop detected errors

Version v2020R2.09 – December 28 2020
JOFFICE-548 – A vertical header is missing on a table in vertically merged cells + table does not keep together

Version v2020R2.08 – December 15 2020
JOFFICE-547 – Excel to PDF Conversion: Improve support for various line endings / arrow heads and line rotation / orientation
JOFFICE-546 – Word to PDF: For Vertical Text in Table Cell Clipped Incorrectly (Add Support for Cell Max Width)

Version v2020R2.07 – December 04 2020
JOFFICE-535 – Document Specific – Fix infinite loop when laying out tables when using fallback font
JOFFICE-533 – Fix issues with scaling and cropping with WMF images

Version v2020R2.06 – November 30 2020
JOFFICE-508 – Add support for “keep-with-next” property to keep header and first row together

Version v2020R2.05 – November 20 2020
JOFFICE-532 – Document Specific: ArrayOutOfBoundException + Improve memory performance when dealing with large images
JOFFICE-537 – Regression: RasterFormatException when converting word doc to PDF when the crop is negative

Version v2020R2.04 – November 09 2020
JOFFICE-526 – Excel to PDF Conversion Multiple Improvements
JOFFICE-531 – Improve JPEG CMYK image conversion speed + cache reused images, reducing PDF size
JOFFICE-535 – Improve XML parsing time by only validating & fixing when we get a parsing error

Version v2020R2.03 – October 12 2020
JOFFICE-530 – Add support for elements + tinting operation on colors
JOFFICE-528 – Handle parsing image with not palette data. Avoid ArrayIndexOutOfBound and Error reading JPEG header errors

Version v2020R2.02 – October 06 2020
JOFFICE-529: Handle Abstract Numbering Definition in numbered list (avoid ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException)
JOFFICE-525: Word to PDF: Handle floating content (such as arrow) spanning over multiple columns in a table and make sure they are not hidden
JOFFICE-524: Do not draw borders when set to no color + Clipping issue

Version v2020R2.01 – October 01 2020
JOFFICE-527 – Right aligned table displays in the center in the converted PDF
JOFFICE-523 – Incorrect QR Code layout / position

Version v2020R2.00 – September 11 2020
Main Release, see See Release Notes for v2020R2