Below are the build notes for v2021R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert that converts Microsoft Word documents and Excel worksheets to PDF in Java.

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Version 2021R1.08 – April 04 2023
JOFFICE-631 – Convert Word to PDF: Error handling empty numbered paragraph – “<parameter4>” is null
JOFFICE-632 – Convert Word to PDF: Throw a warning about Strict Open XML format not supported to avoid IllegalArgumentException
JOFFICE-633 – Convert Word to PDF: Some boxes / path objects with light grey border displayed in Adobe
JPDF-1994 – Cleanup replacement fonts

Version v2021R1.07 – August 20 2022
JOFFICE-631 – Word to PDF: Error handling empty numbered paragraph – “” is null

Version v2021R1.06 – July 19 2022
JOFFICE-628 – Word to PDF: Document Specific – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 12 in Paragraph Numbering

Version v2021R1.05 – April 15 2022
JOFFICE-620 Word to PDF: Fix issue with a row minimum height taller than the available space (infinite loop) + validate document type
JOFFICE-615 – Word to PDF: Missing dots before page number in table of content and missing underline in sub-section

Version v2021R1.04 – March 06 2022
JOFFICE-614-Word to PDF conversion: Improving support for wrap margin

Version v2021R1.03 – February 02 2022
JOFFICE-611 – Convert Word to PDF – Unable to layout document due to table width is set to 0 + Improve support for multiple polygons in EMF images

Version v2021R1.02 – January 19 2022
JOFFICE-609 – Fix VML shapes / text boxes alignment and positioning issues

Version v2021R1.01 – December 30 2021
JOFFICE-605 – Convert Word to PDF – Add Support for Raised Position Property

Version v2021R1.00 – October 14 2021
Main Release, see Release Notes for v2021R1