Below are the build notes for v2020R2 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for the following Qoppa PDF libraries and components.

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Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Version v2020R2.22 – April 06 2023
Homogenize build number across libraries
All improvements added to underlying parsing engine

Version v2020R2.21 – October 20 2022
JPDF-1961 – Null pointer exception when modifying free text annotation programmatically and font is missing from the system

Version v2020R2.20 – October 21 2021
JPDF-1834 – Fixing some exceptions specific to Oracle Forms related to annotations handling and undoing
JPDF-1833 – Fix encoding of special tabs and newline chars when adding keywords into XMP Metadata
JPDF-1822 – Add support for reference table xref streams in PDF linearization to avoid file size increase

Version v2020R2.19 – August 19 2021
JPDF-1811 – Handle better an invalid CIDToGIDMap entry to avoid nullpointerexception
JPDF-1821 – Remove references to sun.swing.DefaultLookup for compatibility with newer versions of Java
Add attribute in each jar for Automatic-Module-Name for integration with a Java module application

Version v2020R2.18 – July 22 2021
JPDF-1810 – Rounding error after adding annotations can cause digital signature to invalidate

Version v2020R2.17 – June 24 2021
JPDF-1806- Error Merging Tags when merging PDFs with Tags
PS-5728 – “Warn before submit form” option should work for Javascript actions and for regular submit form actions

Version v2020R2.16 – May 31 2021
PS-5726 – Improve Date Fields Parsing + Save Medium & Long Dates in English Format For Cross-Locale Compatibility
PS-5684 – 4K: Fix tiling page rendering artifacts when using a Retina / HiDPI Monitor on Mac

Version v2020R2.15 – April 23 2021
JPDF-1787 – Document Specific: Incorrect character spacing – Use DW value from FontDescriptor for character width
PS-5621 – Do not include unsupported open type fonts in annotations and form field font combos to resolve error “Couldn’t find system font error”

Version v2020R2.14 – April 07 2021
JPDF-1772 – Missing characters in XFA form due to issue accessing fonts in acroform DR resources when regenerating appearance stream
JPDF-1776 – Some fields showing empty in XFA form. Add support for rich text and unnamed children subforms

Version v2020R2.13 – March 24 2021
JPDF-1768 – Add support for “Lock Document After Signing” on ordinary digital signature
PS-5541 – Regression: Brighten the annotation bubble when there is a note

Version v2020R2.12 – February 23 2021
JPDF-1753 – Regression: Document Specific (Linearized): com.qoppa.pdf.PDFException: Illegal character 105 in hex string
PS-5395 – Resize handles and cursor for callout annotation not being placed correctly on rotated pages
JPDF-1754 – Part 1 – Ignore external entities when parsing XML metadata
JPDF-1751 – Not rendering thin lines when gradient applied to them

Version v2020R2.11 – January 28 2021
JPDF-1747 – Doc Specific: Fix nullPointerException when importing an xfdf annotation with null intent
JPDF-1742 – Parentheses used in CJK vertical writing are not rendering correctly
PS-5414 – Doc Specific: Missing font in DA String causes error when changing font
JPDF-1740 – (Part 2) Added FontSettings to JavaDocs
COM-381 – Fix some issues with 3 Javadoc for jPDFSecure
PS-5437 – Document specific: Path gradient with separation color space is not showing correct color (Add Support for Lab color space)

Version v2020R2.10 – January 06 2020
JPDF-1738 – Font BBox Too Large in Text Selection: Improve calculation of ascent and descent values for embedded fonts when values inside FontDescriptor are incorrect
PS-5094 – Fix XFA issue with subforms naming and hierarchy
PS-5384 – Regression: 2 comment bubbles displaying on perimeter and area annotations
PS-5375 – Regression: Issue when opening a PDF Form with JavaScript from the SWT file dialog “Error loading PDF The native component cannot be removed then re-added to a component hierarchy”

Version v2020R2.09 – December 29 2020
JPDF-1740 – Character marked as undefined range is displaying when it shouldn’t

Version v2020R2.08 – December 15 2020
JPDF-1734 – JavaScript Validation Dialogs Sometimes Hidden Behind In Java 8+
PS-5361 – PDF Components: Issues with setting custom zoom level with decimal point
PS-5365 – PDF Components / Regression: Incorrect focus behavior on default button in message dialog

Version v2020R2.07 – December 11 2020
JPDF-1732 – Some PDF documents report being tagged for fast web wrongly. See How to verify if a PDF is linearized
JPDF-1731 – Document Specific: Regression: Space character is replaced with another character when rendering glyph on page

Version v2020R2.06 – December 08 2020
JPDF-1714 – Issue with text search dialog (NullPointerException) when loading documents using ByteArrayPDFSource
JPDF-1727 – Regression: Euro Symbol in Text Annotations Editor is displaying wrong character
PS-5346 – Current bookmark: Change the highlight color from pink to earthy orange
PS-5327 – Java 11: Flattening Text Annotation causes NPE
PS-5329 – “Save as default” & Locked missing from Pencil Annotation properties dialog

Version v2020R2.05 – November 18 2020
JPDF-1720 – Add support for setting highlight style in Link annotations
JPDF-1724 – ClassCastException when opening a PDF due to incorrectly formatted signature contents
PS-5300 – Settings permissions on document throws null pointer exception due to invalid entry in document info
PS-5212 – Add back border around pages

Version v2020R2.04 – November 10 2020
JPDF-1721 – Document Specific: ClassCastException when opening a PDF form due to invalid appearance dictionary in form field widget

Version v2020R2.03 – November 02 2020
PS-5253 – Sticky note tooltip does not display ‘<‘ and ‘>’ characters (need to be escaped in html tooltip)
JPDF-1707 – Add option when creating links in a PDF with launch action and window open preference
PS-5244 – Show scale and other options in the measurement dialog by default (expanded dialog)
PS-5243 – Do not default bookmark color to black
JPDF-1711 – Fix incorrect German label when no text found in a document
JPDF-1702 – Add APIs to get and set text color allowing to change text color in a PDF document

Version v2020R2.02 – October 06 2020
JPDF-1708 : Missing Extended Graphic State Dictionary
PS-5234 : NPE when editing comments
PS-5233 : null Author on Comment tree
PS-5212 : Darken background of page viewing area – See Changing PDF Pane background color
JPDF-1708 : Missing Extended Graphic State Dictionary
PAS-855 Add rubber stamp sample
JPDF-1702 Port from trunk
JPDF-1703: Fit to Width rounding error
JPDF_1694: Check for null color spaces and 0 width or 0 height images when optimizing PDF
JPDF-1710: Scroll bar on viewer bean is getting cut off
JPDF-1701: Replace tabs with spaces in FreeText annotations in edit mode
Added javadoc comment to getTextContent() method

Version v2020R2.01 – September 17 2020
JPDF-1691 – Handle cloud border with intensity of 0 to avoid infinite loop
PS-5195 – rotatable resize handles weren’t taking touch mode sizes into account
JPDF-1690 – Update Javadoc for TextPosition to indicate that getViewQuadrilaterals() and getPDFQuadrilaterals() can return multiple elements
JPDF-1692 – Class cast exception when opening a PDF due to null entry in embedded files dictionary
PS-5144 – Search toolbar in comments pane doesn’t continue on enter
PS-5098 – Highlight current bookmark in the tree in a more noticeable way
PS-5181 – Avoid Javascript trigger on Field.setReadOnly when readonly flag has not changed
PS-5166 – 2020 Spanish Translations

Version v2020R2.00 – September 11 2020
Main Release. See v2020R2 Main Release Notes