Below are the build notes for v2020R2 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jPDFWeb.

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Version v2020R2.08 – April 23 2021
JPDF-1781 – Missing pattern lines on PDF conversion to SVG due to type 3 font with inverted symbol characters
JPDF-1782 – Fix rounding error in clipping areas which made some patterns slightly leak outside of the box bounds

Version v2020R2.07 – April 01 2021
JPDF-1771 – Support blend modes in PDF to HTML and PDF to SVG conversion
JPDF-1775 – Color inheritance in type 3 fonts when converting to SVG
JPDF-1773 – CJK characters placed at the wrong location on conversion to SVG – Get advances in the y axis

Version v2020R2.06 – March 24 2021
JPDF-1769 – Converting document to SVG cuts off image due to incorrect soft mask placement

Version v2020R2.05 – March 03 2021
JPDF-1752- PDF to SVG: Parentheses used in CJK vertical writing are not rendering correctly

Version v2020R2.04 – February 23 2021
JPDF-1755 – Substitution of invalid characters is not appropriate – displaying ! instead of non-rendered control characters
JPDF-1755 – Fix empty space character issue in Java 11 (displaying an undefined character)
JPDF-1751 – Not rendering thin lines when gradient applied to them

Version v2020R2.03 – January 22 2021
JPDF-1742 – Parentheses used in CJK vertical writing are not rendering correctly

Version v2020R2.02 – January 06 2021
JPDF-1741 – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when converting PDFs to HTML containing links with no destination such as “Fit To Page”

Version v2020R2.01 – December 29 2020
JPDF-1740 – Character marked as undefined range is displaying when it shouldn’t
All improvements and bug fixes published Qoppa’s PDF rendering engine

Version v2020R2.00 – September 11 2020
Main Release. See v2020R2 Main Release Notes