January 6 2010. This release adds a new PDF reader and parser engine which allows opening bigger documents as well as wrongly formatted documents, many improvements around digital signatures, a new cloud annotation and a screenshot tool.

Version numbers: jPDFNotes v4.10, jPDFViewer v5.10.

New Features

Brand new PDF reader and parser engine which allows for:

  • opening bigger documents due to the revamp of memory management.
  • better handling of PDF documents that are formatted incorrectly.

Many improvements around digital signatures:

  • ability to add multiple digital signatures to a PDF document
  • new button on toolbar to create a new signature field
  • ability to clear, delete and resize an existing signature field
  • improved signature tabbed pane.

Cloud annotation.  There’s a new cloud annotation useful to markup architectural drawings.

Screenshot tool. There’s a new screenshot tool allowing users to select a page area with a lasso and copy the image to the clipboard.

Work with thumbnails. From the thumbnail view, added ability to work on multiple pages at once to delete them, rotate them, drag them or flatten comments.

Barcodes. XFA form fields containing a barcode ui will now be rendered in jPDFNotes.

Search annotations. Ability to search within annotations from the text search dialog or from the comments pane.

Change to the api to include gotoPreviousView and gotoNextView to navigate through history of page views.

Mailto. Added support for mailto protocol in links and bookmarks and launch mail client accordingly.


Text highlight rendering. It is now a perfect text highlight obtained by using multiply composite.

Annotations Location. Improved the creation and rendering of annotations so the location and shape of the annotations are matching Adobe’s precisely.

Drawing polygons. When drawing an annotation such as cloud, polygon or perimeter annotations, and using the auto-complete option from the mouse menu, jPDFNotes will now include the current location of the mouse as the last vertex.

Moving annotations. It is now possible to move annotations to the left, right, top and bottom using arrow keys.

Comments pane toolbar. There is a new search box to search text within comments.


Scrolling to annotations. When in single page view mode, clicking on an annotation in the comments list, scrolling to the annotation was not working correctly accross pages.

Issue with the display of certain images.

Internal bug fixes and enhancements.