March 24 2010. This release adds support for CJK fonts, a redesigned annotation popup dialog (includes author names and date) and the ability to add and manage trusted certificates for digital signatures.

Version numbers: jPDFNotes v4.20, jPDFViewer v5.20.

New Features

Support for CJK fonts (Windows, Mac). jPDFNotes can now render PDF documents which use CJK character sets (Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts) as well as extract text from such documents.

Redesigned annotation popup dialog. The new dialog will show the author name and date on the title bar and allow users to edit comments directly from the popup dialog.

Manage certificate authorities. Ability to add and manage trusted certificates authorities for digital signatures.


Improved initial view. When opening a document, the default view is now “fit to width” to maximize reading experience. This is consistent with Adobe Reader® default behavior.

Multi-line text field. Multi-line text field editing in interactive PDF forms now uses native PDF fonts so the editing is very smooth and matches exactly with the rendering of the form field.

Text search. Better text searching and extraction especially when working with subscript and superscript.

Performance improvements. Improved performance in image color conversion code.


Search results capitalization. Fix issue with results capitalization in text search dialog in some instances.

Rotation and Location. After rotating pages in a document, the selected page was sometimes jumping to a different page.

File name (Mac). When saving an attachment locally under mac, “.pdf” was automatically appended to the file name even when the file was not a PDF file.

Internal bug fixes and enhancements.