June 24 2010. This release adds customization for digital signature appearance, new caret annotations (for reviewers to indicate that text needs to be replaced or inserted) and new Italian version.

Version numbers: jPDFNotes v4.21, jPDFViewer 5.21.

New Features

Digital signatures appearances. Allows to add text, images or logos.See com.qoppa.pdf.SignatureAppearance. Caret annotations. 2 new caret annotation “Text Replace” and “Text Insert”. These annotations are used by reviewers to indicate that text needs to be replaced or inserted.

Italian version. The international component and message labels are now available in Italian. 

Initial view. Initial view settings can now be set programmatically to be applied to documents that do not have these settings defined, and / or to override the settings found in the document. see com.qoppa.pdfViewer.InitialViewSettings


CJK fonts. Our components now supports CJK fonts (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and more generally CID fonts when filling interactive form fields.

Memory usage. Improvements in memory usage when reading and converting JPEG images

Sound annotation. When playing a sound annotation, jPDFNotes will now display a progress dialog and allow users to stop the sound playback at any time.


Rotation and selection. After rotating pages in a document from the Thumbnails pane, the selected page was sometimes jumping to a different page.

PDF created from Word. Fixed issue when opening some PDF documents created in Word 2010.

Export to XFDF. When exporting annotations or form fields in xfdf format for PDF documents opened from urls, the path to the documents in the xfdf file was not set correctly.

Internal bug fixes and enhancements.