October 5 2010. This release adds new unicode support (for non-latin characters), a new callout annotation to draw attention to specific areas on a page, and a new calibration tool for measurement annotations.

Version numbers: jPDFNotes v4.30, jPDFViewer v5.30.

New Features

Unicode support. jPDFNotes now allows editing unicode text in annotations content. This will be of special interest to customers using non-latin characters such as arabic, asian, greek, cyrillic characters. jPDFNotes now also supports unicode text within document properties (author, subject, description).

Callout annotation. This tool combines a text box with a line and an arrow and is used to draw attention to text or objects in a PDF document.

Calibration tool. The new calibration tool for the measuring tools allows to set the scale directly from the drawing. Users are prompted to choose two points on the document and enter the length of the measurement.

Copy and paste images and text. Images and text can now be pasted directly into a PDF document. jPDFNotes will automatically generate rubber stamps from them that users can move around or resize before applying them to the document.

Bookmark style allowing users to define color and text style in documents outline or table of contents.

Home and End shortcuts. Added support for Home and End shortcut to go to the first page and last page in a document.


Text box annotation editing. Text can now be edited directly on the document via cursor (in the same way as the type writer annotation).

Text markups transparency. Users can now set the transparency of text markup tools such as underline, cross-out, etc.

Import and export of XFDF files: Now supports reading and writing the following attributes: dash style/size, annotation subject, border style, opacity, rich content, and popups.
Improvement Improved highlight behavior of form fields such as radio buttons, check boxes and text fields.

Form fields editing: Improved edit and display of rotated form fields (text fields, barcode fields). Support for scroll long text property in multi line fields to turn off scrolling ability within fields.

GUI improvements: A new link to an annotation’s Properties Dialog has been added under the annotation’s Comment Popup Dialog.

Barcode: Improvements to the way PDF Studio renders code 128 and code 309.


Cloud annotation.  Cloud annotations didn’t show the text bubble even when there was text in the comment.

AES encryption. Fix issue when opening some PDF documents with AES encryption.

“Missing pages entry in file catalog”. Fix issue that was giving the following error upon opening PDF documents: “Missing Pages entry in file catalog”.

Open password. In the previous version 4.21, jPDFNotes had been updated so PDF documents that only had an open password with no permission password were opened without user being prompted for password. In this version, we reverted to the previous behavior to be consistent with Adobe Acrobat. jPDFNotes will now prompt for an open password for all documents that have an open password, even for documents that have an empty permissions password.

Internal bug fixes and enhancements.

Press Release:

Qoppa Software Enhances Java PDF Libraries, Java PDF Components: Digital Signatures, New Annotation, Measurement Calibration