February 28 2011. This release adds support for annotations groups to allow selecting, moving or processing multiple annotations at once, and a new “image tool” to easily add an image as a stamp on top of a PDF document.

Version numbers: jPDFNotes v4.50, jPDFViewer 6.00.

New Features:

Annotation groups. Group multiple annotations on a page to process as a single unit. Grouped annotations share their comment and are moved, deleted, reviewed or flattened at once.

Multiple selection of annotations. Implemented a new selection model which allows to select multiple annotations on a page at once to move, delete, review or flatten them all at once. Annotations selected on the document will also be selected in the annotations tree under the Annotations Pane.

Easily add images. There is a new image icon on the toolbar which allows to easily add an image (as a stamp) onto the page. Image files can also be copied and pasted onto a PDF page directly through copy and paste commands without having to open the image in an external image viewer.

Links from highlighted text. Create a link from right-clicking (CTRL + Click on Mac) on selected text and choosing the option “Create Link” in the context menu.


Document XMP metadata: When editing document properties and xmp metadata is present in the document, jPDFNotes will update the xmp metadata so properties are correctly read and displayed in all PDF viewers.

Performance improvements: Improved performance on on Graphical Documents with Transparency. Printing and scrolling performance enhanced for certain documents containing transparency. Users in the graphics and pre press industry may enjoy faster times (up to 5 times faster on specific documents) when printing and rendering documents.

Default document name: When creating a document from image files, jPDFNotes will default the name of the PDF to the original document.

Text search dialog: Ability to cancel search. Search button is being disabled during a search so users can not accidentally click search twice. After search is finished, clicking “Enter” will go to the next occurrence in the results list.

Form field tooltip: To help users filling forms, field information (if available) is now displayed as tooltips under interactive form fields. The data shown corresponds to the “/TU” entry in the field dictionary.

Copying and pasting pages: New menus available under the Thumbnails Pane to copy, cut and paste pages within a document or accross documents.

Link annotation: A link annotation will not be selected when users click on it to follow the corresponding URL. This will prevent users from starting to move the link by error. To select a link annotation and edit its properties, users should now directly right-click (mac: ctrl + click) on the annotation.

Fixes:“Missing Font” in PDF documents. There are magic fonts (Helv, CoBO, Cobo, Cour) not specificied in the PDF specifications that do not need to be embedded in the document and that use “shortcut names” compared to standard font names.

(Mac) Shortcut CMD + C was broken to select text on mac.

PDF created in Open Office. Error happened when opening a document created in Open Office. This issue was reproducible on Linux with documents containing annotations. The PDF file generated in Open Office does not follow PDF specs.

Flatten text box. When flattening a text box after a document was saved, the text was not available as text content and thus could not be selected or highlighted.
Label cut. The Properties label was cut for foreign languages in the Annotation Popup Dialog.

Annotation tooltip. When updating the content of an annotation from the Popup Dialog (the Popup Dialog is the dialog that popups when double-clicking on the annotation and that displays the content, author and date for the annotation), the tooltip text for the annotation was not updated accordingly.

Text search. The results list in the Text Search Dialog allowed for multiple rows selection. However, the functionality of the dialog was dependent only on the first row selected. The results list is now single selection.

Escape in text annotations. When editing a typewriter, free text or callout annotation, hitting escape will exit the edit mode and select the annotation (it used to not select the annotation).

Rotated callout and text box. Fix some issues with callout and text box annotation on rotated documents. When moving annotations, they would appear to move in the opposite direction.2 other issues related to digital signatures and encrypted documents.

Internal bug fixes and enhancements.

Press Release:

New general release of Java PDF components/libraries adds group annotations & unlimited file size access