March 13 2012. This release contains many API improvements to make it easier for developers to integrate Qoppa’s PDF libraries into their applications and adds the ability to create linearized documents for fast viewing over the web.

Library versions: jPDFProcess v4.70, jPDFAssemble v2.00, jPDFFields v3.00, jPDFImages v3.70, jPDFPrint v4.20, jPDFSecure v3.00, jPDFText v3.00.

Press Release:
Spring release of Java PDF components and libraries by Qoppa Software adds creation of linearized PDF documents, user interface and API enhancements

New Features:

Linearize PDF Documents – 2241 – [jPDFProcess]
Use jPDFProcess to linearize your existing PDF documents for fast PDF viewing over the web. New method public void PDFDocument.saveDocumentLinearized.

Watermark Interface – 107, 364 – [jPDFProcess, jPDFPrint and jPDFImages]
New convenience setWatermark method that will set that watermark on documents when they are loaded. Look for setWatermark method and new interface com.qoppa.pdf.IWatermark.

PDF Content on a Specific Layer – 2058 – [jPDFProcess]
Add a parameter to the appendPageContent and prependPageContent methods for a new Layer argument so that the overlaid content will be added to the specified layer (layer is optional and can be null). Original methods were deprecated.

Rotated PDF Rubber Stamps – 2238 – [jPDFProcess]
The PDF format defines a rotation property for rubber stamps. The code will automatically compute the new bounding box rectangle for rotated stamps.

Java SimpleDoc – 129 – [jPDFPrint]
Added new method createSimpleDoc to PDFPrint to create and return a SimpleDoc, with the specified doc attribute set, which can be used in many common printing requests.

License Keys Improvements – 2054 – [All PDF library products]
We’ve added convenient ways for our customers to request, validate and set license keys on Qoppa’s library jar files.


Bookmarks and Deletion / Insertion of Pages – 1847  – [jPDFProcess, jPDFAssemble]
Better handling of bookmarks and got to page actions which should fix any issues with bookmarks retention when inserting and deleting pages.

Document Properties XMP Meta Data – 111 –  [All PDF library products]
When creating new documents or updating existing document properties, the library also creates or updates the XMP metadata so both document’s properties dictionary and XMP meta data are kept in synch. If missing, the XMP metadata’s tree is created. If the tree exists but the specific attributes for the updated properties are missing, the attributes are created.

Annotation Modified Date – 1292 – [jPDFProcess]
The PDF format only has a modified date, there is no creation date for annotations.
Deprecated current set/get CreationDate methods. Added methods to set / get ModifiedDate -The modified date is now updated every time an annotation gets modified through the API or through the GUI.

Bookmark Creation – 1847 – [jPDFAssemble]
Because of internal changes, there were some API changes around the creation of bookmarks. To create a bookmark with a goto page action, call PDFAssemble.createBookmark(Bookmark parent, int pageNum).

Fixes: Better Error Handling in Forms Widgets – 1350 – [jPDFProcess, jPDFFields]
Handle gracefully any exception when parsing appearance streams for form widgets and annotations.

Text Position – 1990 – [All PDF library products]
Fixed a bug with text positioning for text field with specific margin and border properties.

Scrambled Image – 2140 – [jPDFProcess, jPDFPrint, jPDFImages]
Fixed issue with image decoding for specific images with CCITFaxDecode compression.

Export to FDF – 1872 – [jPDFProcess, jPDFFields]
Fixed a null pointer exception when exporting check boxes with a null value to an FDF file.

XDP Import
– 1928 – [ jPDFProcess, jPDFields]
Fix issue with importing an XDP file into an XFA form PDF when multiple fields shared the same name.

Export Annots – 2195 – [jPDFProcess, jPDFields]
Fixed null pointer exception when calling method exportAnnotsAsFDF when using a relative file name as parameter.

Headless Reference– 2299 – [jPDFProcess, jPDFAssemble]
Headless reference exception when trying to split pages due to case issue with entries in PDF dictionary objects.

Font Scaling – 1949 – [jPDFProcess]
When adding a non-standard font with width scaling, char widths were incorrect.

Preflight Font Not Embedded – 2483 – [jPDFProcess]
When derived, type1 fonts were not reported as embedded and would show as an error in the preflight report.

Many Internal Fixes and Improvements.