March 26 2013. This release introduces a new PDF Editing Component, jPDFEditor, with Content Editing and Redaction, as well as JavaScript support and Time-Stamping of Digital Signatures.

Version number: v2013R1
Java Visual Components: jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer, New jPDFEditor

New Features:

New PDF Editing Component jPDFEditor

Qoppa’s new PDF editing component, jPDFEditor, has all the features found in jPDFNotes plus content editing, redaction and OCR (optional). jPDFEditor comes packaged with Qoppa’s PDF manipulating library jPDFProcess, providing access to a rich API to further manipulate PDF documents programmatically.

Redaction Applying & Burning [New jPDFeditor]

The new redaction feature lets users permanently remove sensitive information from PDF documents:

  •  Add redaction annotations to cover an area on a page. The area can contain any PDF objects such as text, image, or shape objects.
  •  “Burn” the redaction annotations to remove the underlying content that intersects with the area redacted.

Content Editing [New jPDFeditor]
The content editing tool allows users to modify the content of  PDF documents:

  •  Copy, delete, edit, move text
  •  Copy, delete, move, resize images
  •  Copy, delete, edit, move, resize shapes, and paths
  •  Work with single or multiple text, image, or path objects

JavaScript Support [jPDFNotes (Fill & Save Forms), jPDFViewer (Fill Forms Only)]
Filling interactive PDF forms in jPDFNotes has become even easier with JavaScript support which adds:

  • Form field calculations to automatically compute the value of given fields from other fields.
  • Form field validation to prevent invalid data entry and ensure that all required fields are filled in.
  • Form field formatting to facilitate the capture of special fields such as dates, social security numbers, postal codes, phone numbers, etc…

By default, when a document containing Javascript is open in our PDF visual components, users are prompted to enable or disable JavaScript. Look at JavaScriptSettings class to allow JavaScript for all documents or per document or to completely turn off JavaScript.

Read more about JavaScript support in Qoppa’s PDF library in our knowledge base to learn about what JavaScript events and objects are supported.

Time Stamp Server for Digital Signatures – [jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer]

Timestamped digital signatures are now supported.

  • [jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer] Digital signatures which use a timestamp server can now be verified by Qoppa’s PDF engine. The Signature validity and messages will include the timestamp information.
  • [jPDFNotes] It is possible now possible to add a digital signature with timestamp coming from a timestamp server. The time stamp is encapsulated essentially in another certificate which is signed with the certificate of the time stamp server company and contains both the customer’s and the server’s signatures.


Text Selection –
[jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer]

There were two changes in text selection for this release:

  • Rectangular selection is back. In the September 2012 release, a new cursor-based text selection was released, a big improvement compared to our previous rectangular text selection mode. The cursor-based selection follows the natural order of text and handles multi-column documents. Based on customer feedback, a rectangular selection is added back as an alternate mode. Rectangular selection can be used as a fall back when selecting non-consecutive text on a page or when working with complex documents. To switch between cursor-based text selection and rectangular (lasso) text selection, hold the “CTRL” key (CMD on Mac).
  • New word selection on double-click when in text selection mode.

Rounded Corners on Text Highlights – [jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer]
Text highlights now have rounded corners on the left and right sides. This is easier on the eye and gives highlights a crisper, professional look.

Interactive PDF Forms Enhancements – [jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer]

  • Interactive button fields allow to import and display an image within the button bounds. Our components now support this features, allowing to browse to and insert an image into a form.
  • Form fields are now highlighted by default when opening interactive forms.
  • Required fields in interactive forms now have a red border so users can easily identify them.
  • When submitting form fields, required fields will be validated and an error message will be displayed if a required field is empty.
  • Support for more advanced features when submitting forms: email submission and receiving a PDF document back. Also show tooltip on the submit button to show what this button does (submit data to a server).

Rotated Rubber Stamps[jPDFNotes]
jPDFNotes now supports adding rotated image or text stamps to a document. Call setRotation in RubberStamp before starting to add the stamp. The rotation will only be used to create the appearance stream of the stamp but is not saved as part with the document. This feature has been available since the previous release but was not announced then.

Area to Perimeter Measurement – [jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer]
Ability to automatically create a Perimeter measurement from an Area measurement and to convert an Area measurement to a Perimeter. Look for “Create Perimeter” and “Convert to Perimeter” under the mouse menu.  When creating a new perimeter, the 2 measurement annotation will overlap. It is possible to see and select the 2 distinct annotations in the Comments panel to edit or delete them.

Viewing of Redaction Annotations – [jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer]

Our existing components (jPDFNotes and jPDFViewer) support viewing existing redaction annotations, where the redacted area is blacked out on mouse rollover.

Display Improvements
– [jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer]

  • Many icons on the toolbar have been slightly redesigned with toned-down colors for a more discrete look.
  • Improved display of comments in the comments pane. When a comment has no note associated the “No Note” displays in gray, when the comment has a note, the note displays in light blue.

Small Enhancements and Fixes:

[jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer] 3539 Improvements around the way focus works in our components. Upon opening a document, focus used to be given to the content pane. This was creating issues for customers who relied on focus within their host application. A typical example was going down a list of PDF documents within a JList and opening the PDF document in jPDFViewer or jPDFNotes. The focus would be taken away from the list. This issue is now resolved.

[jPDFNotes] 2705 Fix issue with editing a rotated text markup where rotation was sometimes not preserved.

[jPDFNotes]  Fixed “jumping” issue when editing font size of a typewriter annotation when zoomed in.

[jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer] 2576 Fix Ubuntu and Mac + Java 1.7 text markup issue.

[jPDFNotes] 3166 Fix issue with incorrect stamp proportion when flattening a stamp after resizing it. This fix was released in the previous release but was not announced then.

[jPDFNotes] 3029 Fix incorrect resize handles location for locked annotations.

[jPDFNotes] 2553, 2517 Issue with rotation, form fields and flattening.

[jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes] 1159, 3479, 3644, 3489 Fixes font issues (CID, Type3)

[jPDFNotes] 2817, 3401, 3348  Fixed issues with merging documents.

[jPDFNotes] 2838, 1725, 1236, 3230 Fixed issues with callout annotations.

[jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer] 3104 Updated to the latest version of the Bouncy castle libraries (encryption).

[jPDFNotes. jPDFViewer] 2403 Handle bookmarks containing only 2 items in the destinations: pageref and FitH, no “top” value.

[jPDFNotes, jPDFViewer] 3618 Fix null pointer exception when importing an FDF file created from PDF annotated with Adobe XI under some circustamces (after adding a review status then deleting an annotation.

[jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes] 2728, 2766 Many fixes related to specific documents.

[jPDFNotes] 2288 For barcode fields which type is not supported in Qoppa’s PDF engine, a message is shown “barcode type not found”. In previous versions, the message would be written in the file when saving the document.

[jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes] 2598, 2821 Fix form field issues: widgets with appearance streams missing bbox’s and word wrap issues in multi-line text fields (text seem to disappear).