These are the release notes for jPDFWeb v2016R1.

[JSVG-129] – Log unsupported features when converting PDF to HTLM5 / SVG
[JSVG-119] – Support line caps style/ dashed lines for stroked paths
[JSVG-125] – New option to handle the case when several glyphs map to the same Unicode character
[JSVG-121] – Convert soft hyphen characters to hard hyphen (U+002D) so it is being displayed in HTML
[JSVG-130] – Handle 1 bit per pixel packed images
[JSVG-43] – Large capital letters being replaced with small capitals due to glyph management issue
[JSVG-56] – PFB font ToUnicode values cause bugs for glyph management
[JSVG-116] – Update HTML/SVG Header & Meta Tags in output HTML
[JSVG-133] – Document Specific: Fix Illegal XML Char Error
[JSVG-87] – Document Specific: Some characters replaced with question mark
[JSVG-65] – Document Specific: Stroke / line path objects missing / not showing
[JSVG-122] – Document Specific: Overlapping characters when converting to HTML/SVG
[JSVG-128] – jPDFWeb Demo App: Converting Page Range to SVG does not work

Enhancements to Qoppa’s sample / demo applications:

[JSVG-86] – HTML5 Viewer Demo Enhancement: Convert Microsoft Word Documents .doc, .docx to HTML5 / SVG
[JSVG-28] – HTML5 Viewer Demo Enhancement: Allow printing the HTML output
[JSVG-62] – HTML5 Viewer Demo Enhancement: Scrollbars don’t resize in Explorer when changing Zoom mode
[JSVG-112] – HTML5 Viewer Demo Enhancement: Update error message when leaving empty password
[JSVG-115] – HTML5 Viewer Demo Enhancement: New option to load PDF from URL