Release Version: v2016R2
Release Date: August 31, 2016
PDF Library: jPDFWeb

Improvements to jPDFWeb Library
JSVG-23 – Implement Gradient Fills as Images at 72 DPI
JSVG-140 – Improve exception handling to redirect a more meaningful message out
JSVG-142 – Fix issue “Attribute stroke redefined” for Highlight Annotations
JSVG-141 – Add method to SVGOptions to pass list of annotation types to render. See SVGOptions.setDisplayAnnotationTypes()
JSVG-134 – Digital signature validation when converting PDF to HTML5.
JSVG-129 – Added system properties to log unsupported features when converting PDF to SVG

Improvements to jPDFWeb Sample Application
JSVG-103 – jPDFWeb Sample Application: Add page range validation

Improvements to Web PDF Viewer
JSVG-135 – Web PDF Viewer – Front End: Improve look of web viewer by adding styling
JSVG-138 – Web PDF Viewer – Front End: Edge text scrambling issue when zooming and changing pages
JSVG-136: Web PDF Viewer – Front End: Do not use hand cursor in Edge as it creates scrambling text / SVG rendering issues
JSVG-137 – Web PDF Viewer Server Side: Add Word Convert Option for Fall Back Font

New! Try Live Demo for Web PDF Annotator & Markup now available in PDF Automation Server v2016R1!