Q: Our company requires that we use our own custom Software License and Support Agreement when purchasing software. Will Qoppa agree to review and sign our company license agreement?

A: The price points for Qoppa’s products are setup to license them as “near off the shelf” products, sold under standard terms and conditions.

In the past, we have put in place custom license agreements with customers, but only when the sale is large enough, and with a premium on the cost of the licenses.

We need to do this because there are immediate costs to us upfront to handle the legal review and edits, increased risks and exposure, and long term license tracking and management costs.

Our conditions to allow custom license agreements is that:

  • Licenses are priced higher than our list prices, and
  • There is a minimum of $20,000 on the sale

This might not work for all purchases but we hope that our customers will understand that it does not make sense for us to make a sale that could cost us more than the revenue that it brings.