Q: Does jPDFWeb renders annotations and form fields when converting PDF documents to SVG / HTML5?

A: Yes, jPDFWeb will render the following annotations / widgets.

Graphical Annotations

All types of graphical annotations defined by the PDF specifications are supported: square, circle, pencil, polygon, polyline, cloud, etc…

Text Annotations

Sticky notes, typewriter, text box and callout are supported.

Text Markups

Text markups including underline, cross-out, squiggly underline are supported

Text highlights are currently replaced with a border / frame instead of filled-in transparent rectangle but we’ll add full support soon.


Links with URL are converted as expected. Other links to pages within a document or to external documents are not yet supported.

Form Fields Data

jPDFWeb will display data saved in form fields. All form fields widgets, as defined in the PDF specifications, are supported including text fields,  radio buttons, check boxes, lists, buttons, combos.


  1. When hovering over the border of the annotations, a tooltip will appear  showing the author, date, and note associated with the annotations, if any.
  2. At the moment, jPDFWeb  is only rendering annotations and widgets that have appearance stream, which is usually the case when annotations where created by a good PDF tool. We do plan to add support for annotations without appearance stream at some point in the future.