v2015R2.06 – June 15 2016
Added support for TrueType collections

v2015R2.05 – June 8 2016
JPDF-776, JPDF-775 – Some fonts loading issues

v2015R2.04 – May 23 2016

jPDF-762 – When importing TIFFs, default to 72 DPI when the data is “out of bounds”, that is: – If the resolution units in the TIFF are set to “none”, or – If the resolution values in the TIFF are set to “1”

v2015R2.03 – May 10 2016

jPDF- 753: Support for Type0 fonts with embedded CMap and embedded non-CID CFF font
jPDF-748: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when exporting page to JPG due to round off error when converting floats -> doubles

v2015R2.02 – April 21 2016

Use region starting point when reading samples that are not 8 bit
Other fixes present in the branch.

v2015R2.01 – December 23 2015

JPDF-709 – CCITT Fax Decoding Issue for Images produced by KeyesPDF / KeyesMail. CCITTFaxDecode parms specify that T.4 EOL is required for each scan line (DecodeParms.EndOfLine = true). The CCITT image data in these files has garbage bytes/bits before the first EOL sequence.
JPDF-527 – Fix error CCITTFaxDecode: Premature EOL in white run of line