Q: Can Qoppa PDF libraries run in Amazon AWS Compute Cloud EC2?

A: Yes, we have many customers running PDF processes on Amazon AWS cloud using our Java developer libraries to create, print, extract images, merge, digitally sign or manipulate PDF documents in the cloud.

Our license mechanism however does require a stable host name and by default AWS instances report variable IP address / host names such as “ip-172-30-2-171”.

Please follow the instructions below to have stable host name:

  1. Choose a unique name for your host, for instance “pdfprocess01”
  2. Edit (as root)
  3. Replace


  4. Edit the /etc/hosts file to include the alias for this host.  By default, this file will look like this:     localhost     localhost.localdomain 

    Edit the line so that it looks like this:     localhost     localhost.localdomain     pdfprocess01 
  5. Reboot the server from the AWS EC2 console
  6. Now the server should report “pdfprocess01” as the FQDN (fully qualified domain name). You can run the license key request command line and send us the output.

Read more about stable host name for Amazon AWS EC2 instances: