Version: v2017R1
Original Release Date: September 14 2017
PDF Library: jOfficeConvert

Download 2017R1 Builds

This version includes all fixes and improvements added to Qoppa’s PDF parsing and rendering engine, jPDFViewer v2017R1.

Information for existing jWordConvert Customers

  • jWordConvert evolved into jOfficeConvert, which can not only convert Word to PDF but also Excel to PDF.
  • Existing jWordConvert customers with an active upgrade & support contract can upgrade to jPDFOffice v2017R1 and continue using the Word to PDF conversion feature. To start using the new Excel to PDF conversion feature, customers will need to upgrade their license.
  • The package name for the main WordDocument class has changed from com.qoppa.word.WordDocument to

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • JOFFICE-211: Text placement issues
  • JOFFICE-237: JPEG images decoded with incorrect colors
  • JOFFICE-360: Relative z-order of floating layouts were generated at random
  • JOFFICE-359: Location of some footer elements are incorrect
  • JOFFICE-363: Better handling of invalid ‘text-wrapping’ value for the BrType attribute in the Br element

Sample Application Improvements

  • JOFFICE-344: Move all jars and third party libraries under new lib folder