Below are the build notes for v2017R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert.

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Version v2017R1.07 – July 13 2018
JOFFICE-406 – Word spacing in converted text for Time New Roman font on Linux

Version v2017R1.06 – June 2 2018
JOFFICE-404 – Document Specific: Fix infinite loop when converting Word document containing rotated wrapped cells
JOFFICE-399 – Document Specific: Missing table content when table has floating position and spans across multiple pages

Version v2017R1.05 – March 23 2018
JOFFICE-401 – Document Specific: Fix infinite loop when comparing 2 floats of value Float.MAX_VALUE
JOFFICE-402 – Document Specific: Fix infinite loop due to an un-splittable table cell that was longer than an entire page

Version v2017R1.04 – February 13 2018
JOFFICE-395 – Document Specific: Infinite loop when converting Word to PDF

Version v2017R1.03 – February 08 2018
JOFFICE-393 – Document Specific: NullPointerException when parsing alternate content: Handle null positionH/V in CTAnchor child elements

Version v2017R1.02 – November 22 2017
JOFFICE-387 – Handle better exception Invalid integer value: 0.0 when floating point value is found in the XML instead of integer for table indent and revert to default value

Version v2017R1.01 – October 17 2017
JOFFICE-376 – Added support for “Keep with next” and “Keep lines together” flags when converting Word to PDF
JOFFICE-379 – Ignore alpha entry in CT_Color element in Excel documents and always set it to fully opaque

Version v2017R1.00 – September 14 2017
Original release, see Release Notes for v2017R1