Below are the build notes for v2016R2 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jPDFWeb.

v2016R2.0 – April 18 2016
JSVG-162 – Reuse ColorConvertOp objects across color conversions, for performance

v2016R2.05 – January 24 2016
JSVG-161 – Add option to set relative size when saving a page as SVG instead of using page size in points to determine how the SVG will fit into a parent container (fit width, fit page).

v2016R2.04 – December 15 2016
JSVG-157 – Add support for alpha transparency and soft masks when converting PDF to SVG

v2016R2.03 – November 03 2016
JSVG-153 – UTF8 instead of UTF-8 in xml SVG element when using OutputStreamWriter (error XML5603 in IE and Edge)

v2016R2.02 – October 11 2016
JSVG-151 – Merge contiguous draw text commands when possible JSVG-151
JSVG-147 – Text highlight shifting issues in Edge on SVG output
JSVG-134 – Demo HTML5 PDF Viewer App for validating Digital Signatures – Include Bouncy Castle Libraries in war

v2016R2.01 – September 16 2016
JSVG-134 – Sample App was not shipping with Bouncy Castle jars required for digital signatures validation
JSVG-134 – In debug mode, print the stack trace if there is a problem initializing the BouncyCastle provider