Below are the build notes for v2018R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert.

Version v2018R1.18 – April 26 2023
Publish all libraries with homogenized version number
Update all code signing certificates
Include all fixes and improvements to underlying parsing engine

Version v2018R1.09 – June 28 2019
JOFFICE-474 – Incorrect table conversion leading to overlapping table rows

Version v2018R1.08 – May 12 2019
Not published. Internal release only.

Version v2018R1.07 – April 19 2019
JOFFICE-464 – Document Specific: Extra blank pages inserted due to conflict between keep together and page breaks
JOFFICE-463 – Regression: The producer for PDF docs created from jOfficeConvert show as “jPDFProcess xx.xx Demo Version”. Change it to be “”jOfficeConvert xx.xx” instead.

Version v2018R1.06 – March 29 2019
JOFFICE-462 – Document Specific: Content Control value displaying too much data

Version v2018R1.05 – February 21 2019
JOFFICE-440 – Excel to PDF: Support for Images (JPG, PNG) when converting from Excel to PDF
JOFFICE-440 – Excel to PDF: Don’t convert hidden worksheets
JOFFICE-440 – Excel to PDF: Support for Fit to Page, scaling
JOFFICE-444 – Excel to PDF: Document Specific – Exception when converting document with content control

Version v2018R1.04 – January 28 2019
JOFFICE-439 – Excel to PDF: Document Specific – Content Control Property displaying a string twice

Version v2018R1.03 – October 23 2018
JOFFICE-427 – Add support for Page Number Format -> Start At Page when converting from Word to PDF

Version v2018R1.02 – October 05 2018
JOFFICE-426 – Document Specific: NullPointerException due to invalid cell style list when converting Excel to PDF
JOFFICE-423 – null pointer exception when there is no matching font and no fallback font

Version v2018R1.01 – August 17 2018
JOFFICE-417 – support run property: “vanish” and table row property “hidden”

Version v2018R1.00 – August 08 2018
Original release, see Release Notes for v2018R1