Below are the build notes for v2018R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for the following Qoppa PDF libraries and components.

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Download 2018R1 Builds

Version v2018R1.18 – April 26 2023
Publish all libraries with homogenized version number
Update all code signing certificates

Version v2018R1.17 – November 06 2020
JPDF-1718 – Error on opening PDF form due to XFA parsing error (double “??” before closing tag)

Version v2018R1.16 – August 10 2020
PS-5109 – Auto Size fonts in multiline fields require “scroll long text” but should not

Version v2018R1.15 – June 14 2019

JPDF-1388 – When a document is loaded from a local file, it can stay locked even after the document is cleared from the PDF viewer bean
JPDF-1389 – Support read-only property when importing in XFDF annotation file

Version v2018R1.14 – June 03 2019

JPDF-1383 – Document Specific: PageLabel nullpointerexception in page labels due to invalid indexing

Version v2018R1.13 – May 28 2019

JPDF-1370 – Linearized PDFs give a preflight validation error “EOL not found after endobj token”

Version v2018R1.12 – April 26 2019

JPDF-1376 – Improve merging of resources on append/prepend page contents

Version v2018R1.11 – April 19 2019

JPDF-1373 – Signature status dialog can be too large when signing reason is long
JOFFICE-463 – Regression: When creating a PDF from images using jPDFImages, producer shows as “JPDFProcess xx.xx Demo Version” instead of jPDFImages.
JPDF-1356 – Regression: Image cropped on interactive push button
JPDF-1368 – Document Specific: Incorrect to Unicode mapping
PS-4647 – Fix some signature vulnerabilities identified by research company

Version v2018R1.10 – March 19 2019

JPDF-1361 – Import FDF file: Rich text value does not overwrite standard value of a field if the standard value is not null to start with
JPDF-1359 – Add a method to check whether a PDF page contains invisible text (usually text that was added through OCR): PDFPage.containsInvisibleText()

Version v2018R1.09 – March 01 2019

JPDF-1330 – Too many lines allowed in multi-line text field editing
JPDF-1334 – Document Specific: Multi-Line Field used to allow 8 lines, now only
JPDF-1344 – Regression: XFA static form – Not able to fill last line on multi line text field with “vertical padding”
JPDF-1345 – Regression / Fixed in 2019: Text Shifted down on Narrow Fields
JPDF-1346 – Static XFA form: Single line sized texfield (marked as multiline) allowing more than one line entry (text overlaps after editing stops)
JPDF-1349 – Document Specific: IllegalArgumentException: dash lengths all zero after importing XFDF file
JPDF-1348 – Different results in PDF/A-1b verification with different runs
JPDF-1351 – Doc Specific – Typewriter text moves during/after editing
PS-4515 – Regression: Adobe signature sometimes showed as invalid after fix to validate signature byte range

Version v2018R1.08 – January 18 2019

JPDF-1328 – Multi-line text field: Long existing field value should not be cut when starting to edit
JPDF-1331 – Document Specific: Import FDF from previous version does not work for a richtext field value
JPDF-1332 – Regression: Unable to enter data in auto-size font for multi-line fields

Version v2018R1.07 – January 3 2019
JPDF-1325 – New method TextField.isRichText() to indicate whether an interactive text field has been enabled for rich text editing. Also open up FormField.getFieldFlags() to get information about form field flags such as read-only, required, etc…

Version v2018R1.06 – December 21 2018
JPDF-1322 – Interactive Forms: In very narrow text fields, text location shifts up after editing stops
JPDF-1320 –  When importing FDF and rich text value is missing, default to standard value in rich text enabled fields
JPDF-1317 – Document Specific: Second text paragraph disappears when editing no scroll multi-line text field

Version v2018R1.05 – November 17 2018
JPDF-1311 – Issue when flattening PDFs with IRT annotations and then merging them. Make sure to remove “status annotations” when an annotation gets flattened
JPDF-1309 – Regression: encrypting and signing within the same save transaction can corrupt some PDFs
JPDF-1308 – Add support to set annotations border style programmatically (supported border styles are Annotation.BORDERSTYLE_SOLID, Annotation.BORDERSTYLE_CLOUD, Annotation.BORDERSTYLE_DASHED)

Version v2018R1.04 – November 09 2018
JPDF-1308 – Fix NullPointerException / Unresponsive UI when programmatically adding a Circle annotation with BorderStyle

Version v2018R1.03 – October 10 2018
JPDF-1296 – addEmbeddedFile() method using InputStream and EmbedFileOptions

Version v2018R1.02 – August 30 2018
JPDF-1276 – Document specific: Rendering thread deadlocks when loading one document after the other for specific color space
JPDF-1277 – Document specific: Make sure to redirect StackOverflowError when parsing document that contains thousands of trailers
JPDF-1278 – Regression: Do not add carriage return after EOF when saving a PDF unless it’s missing one

Version v2018R1.01 – August 21 2018 
JPDF-1267 – Encoding issue with text rendering when subtype is CIDType0 and there is CIDToGIDMap

Version v2018R1.00 – August 01 2018 
Main Release. See v2018R1 Main Release Notes