Below are the build notes for v2019R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert.

v2019R1 Download Links

Version v2019R1.05 – October 01 2019
JOFFICE-492 – Column sizing issue with auto-size and page margins
JOFFICE-455 – Scatter Plot EMF not rendering correctly (scale and location)

Version v2019R1.04 – September 11 2019
JOFFICE-490 – Right aligned bolded text appears to not align properly
JOFFICE-489 – Footer contained in Text Frame missing from output PDF

Version v2019R1.03 – August 23 2019
JOFFICE-485 – TOC/internal links don’t always go to exactly the correct/ideal location
JOFFICE-484 – Bookmarks and Internal Links don’t work when converting Word 97 .doc files to .pdf

Version v2019R1.02 – August 19 2019
JOFFICE-483: Some hyperlinks inside table cells are not created with the correct position when converting docx to PDF

Version v2019R1.01 – July 30 2019
JOFFICE-482 – Document Specific: Some external links are not converting correctly when converting docx Word documents to PDF

Version v2019R1.00 – June 14 2019
Original release, see Release Notes for v2019R1