Below are the build notes for v2019R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jPDFWeb.

Download 2019R1 Builds

Version v2019R1.04 – May 01 2020
JPDF-1599 – Convert lines line 0 width in PDF to 0.1 width in SVG so Browsers render them (PDF viewers render them as thin lines). The minimum stroke width of 0.1 is configurable under SVGOptions.

Version v2019R1.03 – September 06 2019
JSVG-184 – Add support for links to specific location on the page instead of just page level links. Links within SVG elements work in Chrome and Safari, they are not supported in Safari, MS Edge or Internet Explorer.

Version v2019R1.02 – August 26 2019
JSVG-184 – Support in-document links when converting PDF to SVG / HTML (page level anchor only)

Version v2019R1.01 – August 07 2019
JSVG-182 – Document Specific: Array Out Of Bound Exception in Java Font Glyph Retrieval when converting PDF to HTML

Version v2019R1.00 -June 14 2019
Original release, see Release Notes for v2019R1