Below are the build notes for v2019R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for the following Qoppa PDF libraries and components.

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Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Version v2019R1.14 – June 10 2020

JPDF-1653 – Concurrency issue when rendering pages with negative font size in multiple threads leading to displaying some pages with reversed text
JPDF-1646 – IRT annotations are not always imported correctly from FDF
PS-4968 – Regression: Fast Search – Options to search in comments and fields broken
PS-4854 – Switch from single page to continuous page goes to page 1

Version v2019R1.13 – May 15 2020

JPDF-1644 – Document specific freezes on rendering due to Java bug for dashed stroke with very large dash phase
JPDF-1642 – IRT annotations not imported correctly from XFDF

Version v2019R1.12 – May 05 2020

JPDF-1637 – Document Specific: ClassCastException when creating a field due to invalid field format
JPDF-1636 – Handle formatting errors when getting decode parameters for JBIG2 images

Version v2019R1.11 – April 16 2020

JPDF-1452 – Different order of preflight results annotations across various preflight runs (due to use of Hashmap)
JPDF-1451 – Document Specific: Resolve nullpointerexception when split by page due to copying fields with invalid formatting
JPDF-1429 – Remove assertion that was there for debugging purposes
JPDF-1448 – Invalid Digital Signatures: Improve error message & log when there is an error during validation

Version v2019R1.10 – March 11 2020
JPDF-1447 – Document Specific: NullPointerException when opening a PDF form due to an invalid widget
JPDF-1446 – DocumentSpecific: ClassCastException when reading form field entries due to invalid formatting

Version v2019R1.09 – February 28 2020
JPDF-1444 – wraparound search issue with CJK ideographs mixed with CJK punctuation
JPDF-1435 – Ignore prefix when trying to match on embedded font subsets in form fields rendering
PS-4907 – Measurement not shown on annotation when measurement dialog is hidden

Version v2019R1.08 – February 07 2020
JPDF-1440 – Implement pdf color transfer function (similar to blend modes) when rendering or printing

Version v2019R1.07 – February 03 2020
JPDF-1439- NullPointerException when importing a line annotation with zero length
JPDF-1437 – Inline images with LZW compression turn black when page is resized or optimized
JPDF-1436 – Stackoverflow error when merging 2 documents (due to recursive resource reference)

Version v2019R1.06 – January 02 2020
JPDF-1430 – Document Specific: Fix classcastexception when loading / rendering annotations due to invalid entry in DA dictionary

Version v2019R1.05 – December 18 2019
JPDF-1423 – Fix Black Annotations created with Apple Pencil by implementing mask support for JPEG2000 images
PS-4839 – PDF Forms created with LibreOffice: “String index out of range” error displays due to invalid radio button field DA string
PS-4857 – Improve UTF-8 BOM support in form fields, currently show “þÿ” in some text fields
JPDF-1421 – Regression: Include java files in sample jar files instead of only compiled class file

Version v2019R1.04 – October 02 2019
JPDF-1413 – Handle better saving & opening file attachments with invalid characters in file name for each given operating system
JPDF-1412 – Document Specific: Text is not showing behind an indexed image with color key mask
PS-4829 – Regression: Cursor no longer displays when starting to type in text annotations (first character only)

Version v2019R1.03 – August 29 2019
JPDF-1405 – In PDF components, when selecting text using the rectangle lasso selection (hold the CTRL key), plain text copied to the clipboard is broken into lines (with line-breaks between lines, instead of a space character for reflowable text). In the API, a new parameter was added to text selection to either return text broken into lines or reflowable text. See TextSelection.getText(boolean lineBreaks).

Version v2019R1.02 – August 02 2019
JPDF-1400 – Document Specific Class cast exception due to an XObject containing a dictionary instead of a stream

Version v2019R1.01 – July 23 2019
JPDF-1395 – New flag to turn off pattern rendering which can sometimes be slow. PDFRenderHints.setRenderPatterns(false); Performance improvements in rendering is being worked on for next major version.

Version v2019R1.00 – June 14 2019 
Main Release. See v2019R1 Main Release Notes