Original Release Date: June 14 2019
Version number: v2019R1

v2019R1 Download Links

This version removes the dependency to the external jar cmykProfiles.jar (needed to render PDFs that are using CMYK color space), which can now be removed from the classpath.

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Component API Changes (from previous version)

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Library API Changes (from previous version)

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb
jOfficeConvert (API Changes from previous version)

Feature Highlights

Parsing / Assembling / Manipulating (jPDFProcess, jPDFAssemble, jPDFFields and other libraries)

JPDF-1315 – New feature: Search text using regular expression
JPDF-1304 – New option to ignore digital signature permissions in order to allow manipulation of signed PDFs. See AllPDFPermissions.setEnforceSignaturePermissions, AllPDFPermissions.setEnforceDocMDPPermissions
JPDF-1370 – Linearized PDFs give a preflight validation error “EOL not found after endobj token”
JPDF-1359 – Add a method to check that a page contains invisible text. Also verify that we do skip pages with invisible text by default in PAS and REST API
JPDF-1376 – Change the merging of resources on append/prepend page contents
JPDF-1381, JPDF-1383 – Document Specific parsing and rendering issue due to invalid page label format
JPDF-1161 – Create a sample showing how to use Qoppa PDF Library jPDFProcess with JRuby
JPDF-1309 – Regression: Encrypting / Adding Document Security + Signing can corrupt some PDFs

User Interface in PDF Components  (jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor)

JPDF-1243 – Basic Portfolio Support in the PDF Components
JPDF-1341 – Regression: Watermark added on applets + new method to set key for webstart
JPDF-1388 – When a document is cleared from PDFViewerBean, file may stay locked
JPDF-1373 – Signature status dialog can be too large when signing reason is long

Annotations / Form Fields / Links (jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor, jPDFProcess)

JPDF-1324 – Regenerate field appearance streams when importing XFDF (like we do for FDF)
JPDF-1358 – API Change: Add getValueRichText() and setValueRichText() for rich text enabled fields and annotations
JPDF-1389 – Read-Only property in annotations not importing in XFDF
JPDF-1346 – Static XFA form: Single line sized textfield (marked as multi-line) allowing more than one line entry (text overlaps after editing stops)
JPDF-1353 – Regression: Spell Check Squiggle incorrectly positioned
JPDF-1350 – Use line height from rich text in RTF fields
JPDF-1357 – Typewriters clipped in Non-Latin Annots after xfdf import
JPDF-1323 – Text is too low in specific fields (test 75 & 95)
JPDF-1330 – Too many lines allowed in multi-line text field editing
JPDF-1356 – Regression: Image cropped on push button field
JPDF-1344 – Regression: XFA static form – Not able to fill last line on multi line text field with “vertical padding
JPDF-1110 – Import and Export of Form Fields with Rich Text in FDF / XFDF format
JPDF-1361 – Import FDF: Rich text value does not overwrite standard value of the field if the standard value is not null
JPDF-1321 – Document Specific – Line height is off in multiline text field on page 2
JPDF-1351 – Document Specific – Typewriter text moves during/after editing
JPDF-1349 – Document Specific: IllegalArgumentException: dash lengths all zero after importing XFDF file
JPDF-1352 – Line height on fields with custom encoding
JPDF-1328 – Multi-line text field: Long existing field value should not be cut when starting to edit
JPDF-1334 – Document Specific: Multi-Line Field used to allow 8 lines, now only 7


JPDF-1384 – Add API to tell if a font is embedded (IFontResource.isEmbedded())
JPDF-1378 – Document Specific: Ability to render a CFF font when the type specified in dictionary is incorrectly marked as true type font
JPDF-1235 – Recurse into sub-folders for user defined folder when loading fonts
JPDF-1368 – Document Specific: incorrect to Unicode mapping
JPDF-1282 – Java 9: Invalid CMap name: UniJIS-UTF16-H
JPDF-1271 – Handle variable byte encodings for CIDCMaps correctly


JPDF-1326 – Preflight: Improve Annotation & Link Dictionaries Error Messages
JPDF-1290 – Preflight: True Type font glyphs with 0 length data should be counted as undefined glyphs
JPDF-1365 – Add PDF/A-2b Conversion for “Spot Color Representations are inconsistent”
JPDF-1363 – Add PDF/A-2b Validation + Conversion for “Spot Color Representations are inconsistent”
JPDF-1054 – Preflight: Parse Type1 fonts to eliminate PDFA_6_3_4.FONT_LENGTHS array
JPDF-1364 – Preflight: Remove PFB format for embedded standard 14 fonts to avoid “Invalid font” error in Acrobat DC / Callas Preflight
JPDF-1303 – PDF UA subtask – Annotations (matterhorn checkpoint 28)
JPDF-1287 – PDF UA subtask – font rules
JPDF-1305 – PDF UA subtask – Headings
JPDF-1288 – PDF UA subtask – tagged content
JPDF-1299 – PDF UA subtask – viewer prefs dictionary
JPDF-1294 – PDF UA subtask – XMP metadata
JPDF-1063 – PDF UA Verification
JPDF-1339 – PDF/A 2b validation fails with error “Font is symbolic but specifies an Encoding entry.”, validates in other tools
JPDF-1233 – PDF/A Conversion does not work on PDF 2.0 documents
JPDF-1354 – PDF/A Conversion: Add option to flatten or retain empty signature fields
JPDF-1293 – PDF/A test doc fails for wrong reason (should report undefined glyph, not widths mismatch)
JPDF-1298 – PDF/A-2b verification fails due to XMP property redefiniton
JPDF-1385 – PDF/UA preflight profile missing from sample app
JPDF-1306 – PDF/UA PrinterMark annotations
JPDF-1302 – PDF/UA subtask: Matterhorn checkpoint 20: optional content
JPDF-1300 – PDF/UA subtask: Matterhorn checkpoint 21: embedded files
JPDF-1301 – PDF/UA subtask: Matterhorn checkpoint 26: encryption settings
JPDF-1295 – PDF/UA subtask: verify certain logical structure types obey proper syntax
JPDF-1360 – Preflight results not always consistent in Demo mode due to “demo” results


JPDF-480 – PDF Optimizer: Better handling of CO_RETAIN when we don’t support the current compression
JPDF-1338 – Optimizer: Improvements when finding duplicate fonts to merge

Images / Rendering (jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor, jPDFProcess, jPDFPrint)

JPDF-1053: Improve memory usage when rendering JPEG 2000 images (Part I)

Redaction (jPDFProcess, jPDFEditor)
jOfficeConvert: Word to PDF, Excel to PDF

JOFFICE-474 – Document Specific: Incorrect table conversion leading to overlapping table rows
JOFFICE-473 – Carry over file properties when converting from Excel to PDF
JOFFICE-471 – Development: Table of Contents items’ link annotation bounds off-placed
JOFFICE-470 – Word97 paragraph indentations sometimes incorrect
JOFFICE-469 – O circumflex is not converted correctly
JOFFICE-467 – Document Specific: NullPointerException when parsing DrawingML instances in Word to PDF conversion
JOFFICE-465 – Document Specific: Word to PDF Various Issues
JOFFICE-464 – Document Specific: Extra blank pages inserted due to conflict between keep together and page breaks
JOFFICE-463 – Regression: When creating a PDF from jOfficeConvert, jPDFImages, producer shows as “JPDFProcess xx.xx Demo Version”
JOFFICE-462 – Document Specific: Content Control value displaying too much data
JOFFICE-454 – Pie Chart EMF not rendering correctly
JOFFICE-444 – Word to PDF: Exception when converting document with content control
JOFFICE-443 – Word Wrapping in converted PDF is different than MS Word when getting close to the right margin
JOFFICE-442 – Excel: Support for predefined shape objects
JOFFICE-441 – Improve Excel Font Embedding Performance
JOFFICE-440 – Pictures (JPG, PNG) now supported + Don’t convert hidden worksheets
JOFFICE-439 – Document Specific: Content Control Property displaying a string twice
JOFFICE-433 – Text overlapping in customer submitted document
JOFFICE-423 – null pointer exception when there is no fonts and no fallback font
JOFFICE-422 – handle path/shapes within EMFs
JOFFICE-421 – handle fonts and text objects in EMFs
JOFFICE-420 – Handle the sizing and positioning of multiple components within a single EMF
JOFFICE-419 – EMF Graphics (Path, Text): Table not converted to PDF
JOFFICE-413 – Document Specific: Images Missing
JOFFICE-410 – Carry over document properties when converting from Word to PDF
JOFFICE-378 – Ability to work with individual work sheets instead of whole spreadsheet
JOFFICE-375 – EXCEL: Option to embed fonts. See OfficeConvertOptions.setEmbedFonts(true)
JOFFICE-367 – Support for Rotated Images in Conversion
JOFFICE-157 – conversion problem – WMF / EMF

jPDWeb: Convert PDF to SVG / HTML5

JSVG-180 – Fix font issue: StackOverflowError at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer due to an invalid font with a glyph definition referencing itself
JSVG-179 – Remove invalid unicode characters fffe, ffff when converting PDF to SVG / HTML5
JSVG-178 – Transparency group FormXObjects now supported in PDF to SVG conversion
JSVG-175 – OCR / Invisible Text marked as NON_RENDER is now added to the SVG output

Other Enhancements

JPDF-1263 – API Cleanup: Remove deprecated classes and methods
JPDF-1279 – Performance Testing with Java 9, Java 10, Java 11 (similar performance results)
JPDF-1146 – Update certificate in sample applications installers
JPDF-1292 – Include default ICC profile in all product jars; remove cmykProfile.jar

Many internal fixes and enhancements