Original Release Date: June 14 2019
Version number: v2019R1

v2019R1 Download Links

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Component API Changes (from previous version)

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Library API Changes (from previous version)

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb
jOfficeConvert (API Changes from previous version)

Feature Highlights

Parsing / Assembling / Manipulating (jPDFProcess, jPDFAssemble, jPDFFields and other libraries)

JPDF-1315 – New feature: Search text using regular expression
JPDF-1304 – New option to ignore digital signature permissions in order to allow manipulation of signed PDFs. See AllPDFPermissions.setEnforceSignaturePermissions, AllPDFPermissions.setEnforceDocMDPPermissions
JPDF-1370 – Linearized PDFs give a preflight validation error “EOL not found after endobj token”
JPDF-1359 – Add a method to check that a page contains invisible text. Also verify that we do skip pages with invisible text by default in PAS and REST API
JPDF-1376 – Change the merging of resources on append/prepend page contents
JPDF-1381, JPDF-1383 – Document Specific parsing and rendering issue due to invalid page label format
JPDF-1161 – Create a sample showing how to use Qoppa PDF Library jPDFProcess with JRuby
JPDF-1309 – Regression: Encrypting / Adding Document Security + Signing can corrupt some PDFs

User Interface in PDF Components  (jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor)

JPDF-1243 – Basic Portfolio Support in the PDF Components
JPDF-1341 – Regression: Watermark added on applets + new method to set key for webstart
JPDF-1388 – When a document is cleared from PDFViewerBean, file may stay locked
JPDF-1373 – Signature status dialog can be too large when signing reason is long

Annotations / Form Fields / Links (jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor, jPDFProcess)

JPDF-1324 – Regenerate field appearance streams when importing XFDF (like we do for FDF)
JPDF-1358 – API Change: Add getValueRichText() and setValueRichText() for rich text enabled fields and annotations
JPDF-1389 – Read-Only property in annotations not importing in XFDF
JPDF-1346 – Static XFA form: Single line sized textfield (marked as multi-line) allowing more than one line entry (text overlaps after editing stops)
JPDF-1353 – Regression: Spell Check Squiggle incorrectly positioned
JPDF-1350 – Use line height from rich text in RTF fields
JPDF-1357 – Typewriters clipped in Non-Latin Annots after xfdf import
JPDF-1323 – Text is too low in specific fields (test 75 & 95)
JPDF-1330 – Too many lines allowed in multi-line text field editing
JPDF-1356 – Regression: Image cropped on push button field
JPDF-1344 – Regression: XFA static form – Not able to fill last line on multi line text field with “vertical padding
JPDF-1110 – Import and Export of Form Fields with Rich Text in FDF / XFDF format
JPDF-1361 – Import FDF: Rich text value does not overwrite standard value of the field if the standard value is not null
JPDF-1321 – Document Specific – Line height is off in multiline text field on page 2
JPDF-1351 – Document Specific – Typewriter text moves during/after editing
JPDF-1349 – Document Specific: IllegalArgumentException: dash lengths all zero after importing XFDF file
JPDF-1352 – Line height on fields with custom encoding
JPDF-1328 – Multi-line text field: Long existing field value should not be cut when starting to edit
JPDF-1334 – Document Specific: Multi-Line Field used to allow 8 lines, now only 7


JPDF-1384 – Add API to tell if a font is embedded (IFontResource.isEmbedded())
JPDF-1378 – Document Specific: Ability to render a CFF font when the type specified in dictionary is incorrectly marked as true type font
JPDF-1235 – Recurse into sub-folders for user defined folder when loading fonts
JPDF-1368 – Document Specific: incorrect to Unicode mapping
JPDF-1282 – Java 9: Invalid CMap name: UniJIS-UTF16-H
JPDF-1271 – Handle variable byte encodings for CIDCMaps correctly


JPDF-1326 – Preflight: Improve Annotation & Link Dictionaries Error Messages
JPDF-1290 – Preflight: True Type font glyphs with 0 length data should be counted as undefined glyphs
JPDF-1365 – Add PDF/A-2b Conversion for “Spot Color Representations are inconsistent”
JPDF-1363 – Add PDF/A-2b Validation + Conversion for “Spot Color Representations are inconsistent”
JPDF-1054 – Preflight: Parse Type1 fonts to eliminate PDFA_6_3_4.FONT_LENGTHS array
JPDF-1364 – Preflight: Remove PFB format for embedded standard 14 fonts to avoid “Invalid font” error in Acrobat DC / Callas Preflight
JPDF-1303 – PDF UA subtask – Annotations (matterhorn checkpoint 28)
JPDF-1287 – PDF UA subtask – font rules
JPDF-1305 – PDF UA subtask – Headings
JPDF-1288 – PDF UA subtask – tagged content
JPDF-1299 – PDF UA subtask – viewer prefs dictionary
JPDF-1294 – PDF UA subtask – XMP metadata
JPDF-1063 – PDF UA Verification
JPDF-1339 – PDF/A 2b validation fails with error “Font is symbolic but specifies an Encoding entry.”, validates in other tools
JPDF-1233 – PDF/A Conversion does not work on PDF 2.0 documents
JPDF-1354 – PDF/A Conversion: Add option to flatten or retain empty signature fields
JPDF-1293 – PDF/A test doc fails for wrong reason (should report undefined glyph, not widths mismatch)
JPDF-1298 – PDF/A-2b verification fails due to XMP property redefiniton
JPDF-1385 – PDF/UA preflight profile missing from sample app
JPDF-1306 – PDF/UA PrinterMark annotations
JPDF-1302 – PDF/UA subtask: Matterhorn checkpoint 20: optional content
JPDF-1300 – PDF/UA subtask: Matterhorn checkpoint 21: embedded files
JPDF-1301 – PDF/UA subtask: Matterhorn checkpoint 26: encryption settings
JPDF-1295 – PDF/UA subtask: verify certain logical structure types obey proper syntax
JPDF-1360 – Preflight results not always consistent in Demo mode due to “demo” results


JPDF-480 – PDF Optimizer: Better handling of CO_RETAIN when we don’t support the current compression
JPDF-1338 – Optimizer: Improvements when finding duplicate fonts to merge

Images / Rendering (jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor, jPDFProcess, jPDFPrint)

JPDF-1053: Improve memory usage when rendering JPEG 2000 images (Part I)

Redaction (jPDFProcess, jPDFEditor)
jOfficeConvert: Word to PDF, Excel to PDF

JOFFICE-474 – Document Specific: Incorrect table conversion leading to overlapping table rows
JOFFICE-473 – Carry over file properties when converting from Excel to PDF
JOFFICE-471 – Development: Table of Contents items’ link annotation bounds off-placed
JOFFICE-470 – Word97 paragraph indentations sometimes incorrect
JOFFICE-469 – O circumflex is not converted correctly
JOFFICE-467 – Document Specific: NullPointerException when parsing DrawingML instances in Word to PDF conversion
JOFFICE-465 – Document Specific: Word to PDF Various Issues
JOFFICE-464 – Document Specific: Extra blank pages inserted due to conflict between keep together and page breaks
JOFFICE-463 – Regression: When creating a PDF from jOfficeConvert, jPDFImages, producer shows as “JPDFProcess xx.xx Demo Version”
JOFFICE-462 – Document Specific: Content Control value displaying too much data
JOFFICE-454 – Pie Chart EMF not rendering correctly
JOFFICE-444 – Word to PDF: Exception when converting document with content control
JOFFICE-443 – Word Wrapping in converted PDF is different than MS Word when getting close to the right margin
JOFFICE-442 – Excel: Support for predefined shape objects
JOFFICE-441 – Improve Excel Font Embedding Performance
JOFFICE-440 – Pictures (JPG, PNG) now supported + Don’t convert hidden worksheets
JOFFICE-439 – Document Specific: Content Control Property displaying a string twice
JOFFICE-433 – Text overlapping in customer submitted document
JOFFICE-423 – null pointer exception when there is no fonts and no fallback font
JOFFICE-422 – handle path/shapes within EMFs
JOFFICE-421 – handle fonts and text objects in EMFs
JOFFICE-420 – Handle the sizing and positioning of multiple components within a single EMF
JOFFICE-419 – EMF Graphics (Path, Text): Table not converted to PDF
JOFFICE-413 – Document Specific: Images Missing
JOFFICE-410 – Carry over document properties when converting from Word to PDF
JOFFICE-378 – Ability to work with individual work sheets instead of whole spreadsheet
JOFFICE-375 – EXCEL: Option to embed fonts. See OfficeConvertOptions.setEmbedFonts(true)
JOFFICE-367 – Support for Rotated Images in Conversion
JOFFICE-157 – conversion problem – WMF / EMF

jPDWeb: Convert PDF to SVG / HTML5

JSVG-180 – Fix font issue: StackOverflowError at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer due to an invalid font with a glyph definition referencing itself
JSVG-179 – Remove invalid unicode characters fffe, ffff when converting PDF to SVG / HTML5
JSVG-178 – Transparency group FormXObjects now supported in PDF to SVG conversion
JSVG-175 – OCR / Invisible Text marked as NON_RENDER is now added to the SVG output

Other Enhancements

JPDF-1263 – API Cleanup: Remove deprecated classes and methods
JPDF-1279 – Performance Testing with Java 9, Java 10, Java 11 (similar performance results)
JPDF-1146 – Update certificate in sample applications installers
JPDF-1292 – Include default ICC profile in all product jars; remove cmykProfile.jar

Many internal fixes and enhancements