Below are the build notes for v2020R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert.

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Version v2020R1.03 – September 01 2020
JOFFICE-519 – Word to PDF: Add support for literal tab character in addition to the standard element in DOCX text content

Version v2020R1.02 – August 17 2020
JOFFICE-509 – Word & Excel to PDF Conversion: Right to Left BIDI text issue with indentation and parenthesis text order

Version v2020R1.01 – August 07 2020
JOFFICE-512 – Word to PDF Conversion: Infinite Loop. Better handle page break in a paragraph inside tables
JOFFICE-511 – Word to PDF Conversion: null pointer exception due to null CTText element
JOFFICE-505 – Word to PDF Conversion: Document Specific – Table header duplicated at bottom of table
JOFFICE-506 – Auto resized columns in table are a bit off, causing text to wrap

Version v2020R1.00 – May 15 2020
Original release, see Main Release Notes for v2020R1