Original Release Date: May 15 2020
Version number: v2020R1

v2020R1 Download Links

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Component API Changes (from previous version)

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Library API Changes (from previous version)

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb
jOfficeConvert (API Changes from previous version)

[JPDF-911] – XFDF import drops any XFA that contains only whitespace
[JPDF-1098] – Report details & Annotations randomly ordered
[JPDF-1362] – Form field with invalid appearance stream makes it impossible to open form
[JPDF-1370] – Linearized PDFs give a preflight validation error “EOL not found after endobj token”
[JPDF-1371] – PDF/UA validation fails on test86.pdf
[JPDF-1372] – PDF/A check for PFB type1 font files and fix on conversion
[JPDF-1374] – NPE – Document Specific – converting to SVG
[JPDF-1384] – Add API to tell if a font is embedded
[JPDF-1389] – read-only property in annotations not importing in XFDF
[JPDF-1400] – Document Specific Class cast exception due to an XObject containing a dictionary instead of a stream
[JPDF-1407] – XMP Metadata PDF/A Validation Issues: Empty String in Title & Multiple Author Entries should be flagged
[JPDF-1412] – Document Specific: Text is not showing behind the image (Color Key Mask + Indexed)
[JPDF-1414] – Add support for Type 3 fonts when converting to HTML / SVG
[JPDF-1416] – Look into removing viewbox from the qoppa_pagecontents svg element
[JPDF-1429] – Remove assertion that was there for debugging purposes
[JPDF-1431] – text search for ligature decomposition text throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[JPDF-1432] – preflight verification doesn’t recognize “uniNNNN” type glyph names as valid AGL members
[JPDF-1436] – Stackoverflow error when merging 2 documents (due to recursive resource reference)
[JPDF-1437] – Inline images with LZW compression turn black when page is resized or optimized
[JPDF-1438] – Add API to get image DPI information
[JPDF-1440] – Implement PDF color transfer function (similar to blend modes) when rendering or printing
[JPDF-1441] – When converting the attached document, the last page goes all gray
[JPDF-1447] – Document Specific: NullPointerException when opening a PDF form due to an invalid widget
[JPDF-1448] – Invalid Digital Signatures: Improve error message & log when there is an error during validation
[JPDF-1451] – Document Specific: Split by page gives a nullpointer exception due to copying fields with invalid formatting
[JPDF-1453] – test112.pdf vertical text positioning and pdf/a annotations bounds off
[JPDF-1526] – Background fails to convert
[JPDF-1546] – Document Specific: Array Out of Bound Exception in Java Font Glyph Retrieval / Selection when converting PDF to HTML
[JPDF-1638] – jPDFText Sample app incorrect extracted characters[JPDF-1425] – Reevaluate new PDF File Version when creating new / converting to PDFs
[JPDF-1439] – NullPointerException when importing a line annotation with zero length
[JPDF-1327] – Update Code Signing Certificates. Remove Comodo and keep only Verisign
[JPDF-1378] – Document Specific: Ability to render a CFF font when the type specified in dictionary is marked as TTF
[JPDF-1383] – Document Specific PageLabel nullpointerexception in page labels
[JPDF-1392] – jPDFWeb Webstart demo does not show the blurb
[JPDF-1393] – Javadoc links missing to JAVA API
[JPDF-1394] – Tags Panel Should Display in View Mode Only (since it is available to the public API)
[JPDF-1395] – Document Specific: Slow pattern rendering in attached PDF
[JPDF-1409] – Change “?” status icon on signature to warning triangle
[JPDF-1410] – Document Specific: Slow print performance esp. on 32bit + Add new method PrintSettings.setScaleImagesToOutput()
[JPDF-1421] – Our sample jar files don’t include Java files, only compiled class files
[JPDF-1423] – Fix Black Annotations created with Apple Pencil : Implement mask in data for JPEG2000 images
[JPDF-1435] – Ignore prefix when trying to match on embedded font subsets in form fields rendering
[JPDF-1445] – Document does not convert properly to PDF/A 1b: Document properties do not match XMP Data
[JPDF-1446] – DocumentSpecific: ClassCastException when reading form field entries
[JPDF-1449] – Update JavaDoc jDiff comparison folder to be v2019R1
[JPDF-1367] – Text extraction problem on test105.pdf, page 7
[JPDF-1390] – ILogicalGlyphPositionInfo.getBounds() call on a vertical mode show text array with no characters causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[JPDF-1396] – Investigate error correcting for PDFs with extra data at the beginning
[JPDF-1397] – Research import / export XDP / XFA into / from XFA Dynamic Forms
[JPDF-1405] – Add a new parameter to text selection API to either return text broken into lines or reflowable text
[JPDF-1413] – Handle better saving & opening file attachments with invalid characters in file name
[JPDF-1418] – Conversion to HTML Servlet to be enhanced to pass on license key for jOfficeConvert
[JPDF-1419] – Library Demo Applications Installers Need Notarization for macOS 10.15 Catalina
[JPDF-1420] – Support “SMaskInData” for JPEG2000 images
[JPDF-1422] – Use safest SHA hash algorithm for digital signatures based on the PDF file version
[JPDF-1426] – PDF/A Validation: Getting “Length field of stream dictionary” error when the PDF contains attachments
[JPDF-1428] – Annotations created by Apple Pencil – with ReadOnly flag set – shouldn’t allow resizing or clearing appearance stream
[JPDF-1442] – PDF/A 2b document valid in Adobe Acrobat gives missing blending color space validation error
[JPDF-1444] – wraparound search issue with CJK ideographs mixed with CJK punctuation
[JPDF-1452] – Different order of preflight results annotations across various preflight runs (due to use of Hashmap)
[JPDF-1599] – Convert lines with 0 width in PDF to 0.1 width in SVG so Browsers render them (PDF viewers render them as thin lines)
[JPDF-1600] – Convert in-document links to HTML
[JPDF-1636] – Handle formatting errors when getting decode parameters for JBIG2 images
[JPDF-1637] – Document Specific: ClassCastException when creating a field due to invalid field format
[JPDF-1642] – IRT annotations not imported correctly from XFDF
[JPDF-1644] – Attached document freezes on rendering due to Java bug for dashed stroke with very large dash phase
Many other internal fixes and enhances.