Qoppa Software’s PDF to HTML conversion, which is available in the form of a Java library (jPDFWeb) as well as an HTML PDF Viewer and Markup Module, offers “real” PDF to HTML5 conversion in the sense that it converts all the objects contained in the PDF documents:

  • Text Objects
  • Image Objects
  • PDF Path Objects & Vector Commands

Qoppa’s PDF to HTML conversion also supports parsing and rendering the following interactive PDF features:

  • Form Fields (rendering field data)
  • Annotations (viewing and adding annotations)
  • Digital Signatures (viewing signature validation status)

The SVG or HTML output is a single SVG or HTML file (for the whole PDF or per PDF page) with no dependencies which can easily be published on the web, and can be display by most browsers, on most devices. SVG format is a vector graphics format which supports most of the sophisticated graphics features present in the PDF format and is resolution independent for high quality viewing.

Try Live Demo of Qoppa’s PDF HTML Viewer

Try Live Demo of Qoppa’s HTML PDF Markup Module