As of version v2016R2.04, Qoppa Software has improved support for transparency in Qoppa’s PDF Conversion from PDF to HTML5 / SVG. There are many sophisticated features defined in the PDF format specifications. Qoppa has been working on its PDF parsing and rendering engine for over 15 years to develop some of the most advanced PDF rendering technology available on the market.

Here are the list of supported PDF transparency features in Qoppa’s jPDFWeb library as of v2016R2.04:

  • Soft masks
  • PDF transparency operators
  • Gradient fills
  • Transparency inside images

jPDFWeb outputs a single SVG or HTML file (for the whole PDF or per PDF page) with no dependencies that can easily be published on the web.

Many other PDF to HTML converters available on the market get around transparency (if they support it at all) by rasterizing PDFs and converting them to images. This is not the case for jPDFWeb, which does a real vector conversion of PDF to HTML, preserving text and images present in the original PDF document.

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