In version v2016R2, we’ve added system properties to log unsupported features when converting PDF documents to SVG with jPDFWeb.

New System Properties

The system properties / vm options to turn off logging of unsupported features are:

// turn on low level logging unsupported features
// turn on fine level logging of unsupported features

Try Logging in our Demo App

To turn on the logging of unsupported features in jPDFWeb Sample / Demo Application, add one of the line above to the file called “jWordConvert Sample.vmoptions” that is located in the installation folder for the sample app. On Windows, the installation folder is “C:\Program Files\jWordConvert2016R2” for version 2016R2.

Not All Unsupported Features are Logged

As of version v2016R2, not all supported features are logged but we will output more information in future versions.

Here is a sample log output below:

Converting c:/qoppa/auto/test20.pdf SVG page files
Unsupported jPDFWeb Feature:  Axial shade colors - replaced with white to medium-gray.
Unsupported jPDFWeb Feature:  Radial shade fill.
Unsupported jPDFWeb Feature:  [  1] QInk without Appearance Stream.
Converting c:/qoppa/auto/test18.pdf SVG page files
com.qoppa.pdf.PDFPermissionException: The document's permissions do not allow you to extract text or graphics.
	at com.qoppa.pdf.util.PermissionUtil.assertExtractTextGraphics(
	at com.qoppa.pdfWeb.PDFWeb.savePageAsSVG(
	at com.qoppa.pdfWeb.LocalTestApp.writeSVGPage(
	at com.qoppa.pdfWeb.LocalTestApp.main(