This is the current list of unsupported features in jPDFWeb as of version v2017R1:

  • Pattern fills (Gradient fills ARE supported)
  • Blend modes
  • Using text as clipping path
  • Type 3 fonts
  • ICC color correction (Note: This can be expressed in SVG, but no browsers support it today…)
  • No “synthesizing” of space characters between text that is positioned using only graphics

These advanced features ARE supported:

  • Supported as of v2016R2.04: Soft masks
  • Supported as of v2016R2.04: PDF transparency ops
  • Supported as of v2016R2: Gradient fills
  • Supported as of v2016R1: Transparency inside images
  • Supported as of v2017R1: Annotation without appearance streams

Our plan is to add support for the unsupported features above as long as they are supported by the SVG format. Some of these advanced features might not be supported by all browsers.

Note that the list above may not be exhaustive.

It is possible to turn on logging of unsupported features using system properties.