Version 2.20 – April 19, 2010

  • New Qoppa’s brand new PDF reader and parser engine which allows for:
    • better handling of PDF documents that are formatted incorrectly.
    • better handling of bigger documents due to the revamp of memory management.
  • New (Windows, Mac) Support for CJK fonts (Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts). PAS can now render PDF documents which use CJK character sets as well as extract text from such documents.
  • New Support for barcodes. XFA form fields containing a barcode ui will now be rendered properly in PAS when printing documents or extracting images.
  • Improvement Additional file verification when watching a folder for processing. The server will not attempt to process the file until the file is available and the server has full control.
  • Improvement The PAS Manager printer list is loaded by the server so that only the printers available to QoppaPAS service on ther server are visible when editing a job.
  • Improvement PAS can now process files embedded into or attached to incoming PDF documents. Portfolios files are supported as well.
  • Internal enhancements.