Below are the release notes for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server 2020R3.

Download PDF Automation Server v2020R3

This version comes with a new continuous view to the web viewer on the desktop (continuous view for the mobile viewer will come in version 2021) and an HTTP listener node allowing to start document workflows through https requests and to receive manipulated or converted documents as responses.

Note 1: License keys are the same for v2020R3, v2020R2 and v2020R1, so there is no need to request new keys.

Note 2: When installing a new version, the HTML files for the web PDF viewer and annotator are not overwritten (in case the files have been edited and customized by our customers). You will need to copy the html_base folder from the installation folder into the html folder to get the latest HTML files. The html folder is located in the installation folder in Linux, and in the Program Data folder in Windows.

Version 2020R3.05 – April 06 2023

PAS-1087 – AccessDeniedException when trying to read file attributes
JPDF-1961 – When reading names from the name table, do not read names whose index points to outside of the table
JPDF-1936 – Error Adding a Line Annotation Throws a NullPointerException
JPDF-1834 – Oracle Forms issues with empty typewriters and undo, some events are getting triggered twice
JPDF-1833 – Incorrect encoding of special tabs and newlines when adding keywords into XMP metadata

Version 2020R3.04 – October 12 2021

JPDF-1822 – Add support for xref streams (compressed reference table) in PDF linearization to avoid file size increase after linearization

Version 2020R3.03 – September 23 2021
PAS-872 – Handlers don’t work after restarting the HttpService in Http Listener node
PAS-993 – HTTP Listener Node: Error response when using HTTPS
PAS-913 – MS Conversion to PDF: Default fallback font should be DroidSansFallbackFull packaged with installation on ALL Products
PAS-984 – Refresh issue with log table (old records, or empty table) when switching between servers
Other fixes to the branch included

Version 2020R3.02 – May 24 2021
PAS-921 – PAS Node – Apply Redactions
Some PDF to SVG / HTML fixes for CJK fonts
Some PDF rendering fixes

Version 2020R3.01 – March 26 2021
PAS-972 – Processing nodes do not properly check for subsequent nodes
PAS-972 – Issues with Java node to set a variable and then Logger node: NullPointerException
PAS-971 – Fallback Welcome.html page path is incorrect
PAS-950 – Add ability to set the author for annotations in Web Editor (change “userName” variable at the top of pdfviewer.js)
PAS-945 – IllegalStateException on timeout in HTTP Response node
PAS-946 – Null pointer exception on default pkcs12 digital signature – Removed Alias Password from UI and REST
PAS-881- Could not delete message folder: Internal Grizzly Error

Version 2020R3.00 – January 07 2021

PAS-319 – Continuous view for web viewer on the desktop
PAS-462 – Node: HTTP listener input
PAS-859 – Http Response Node
PAS-882 – Http Response node: Custom Success & Error response bodies
PAS-834 – Add headless mode to QoppaPAS vm option to force the headless mode even in GUI environment
PAS-796 – Improve REST API documentation
PAS-850 – Improve Date / Time Selection in Full Logs Dialog
PAS-852 – Email Node: Make attachment optional and add file name field
PAS-824 – Event Log Improvements: Add columns, message display, etc
PAS-833 – Review & document the Creation and Location of optimizer profile file optimize.xml
PAS-854 – Show a bubble for annotations that have content
PAS-862 – View Events Dialogs: Implement dynamic log events search instead of bringing in records and filtering on the client side
PAS-887 – Change “Document Properties” Label in Web PDF Viewer to an icon with tooltip
PAS-832 – Export for Event Log
PAS-826 – Review & Fix some REST Errors
PAS-851 – Email Node issues
PAS-843 – Error deleting IRT annotation from web viewer
PAS-804 – Default Signature Alias in preferences could be removed on save
PAS-822 – Add Flow NumThread settings in PASProp.xml file to Preferences in PAS Manager
PAS-819 – Review variable parsing error handling
PAS-813 – XML to Variable validation issues
PAS-825 – REST Thread Number Updating and Warning on REST restart
PAS-807 – Tapping on an item from the search result list does not work on mobile PDF viewer
PAS-810 – Drop-down options display on top of the menu on mobile pdf viewer
PAS-787 – Improvements Web Viewer and Mobile Web Viewer
PAS-382 – Temp files in PAS not always deleted
PAS-831 – Remove static ServerSettings references from Manager code.
PAS-865 – Mobile web viewer: Properties dialog does not display
PAS-868 – Copy and Paste stamps do not show immediately
PAS-870 – Recent Events for REST, Jobs, Flows should show last 100 of that type
PAS-874 – Development: Handle flow failing to start
PAS-886 – Flow editor popup on a single mouse click
PAS-881 – Could not delete message folder: Internal Grizzly Error
+ All improvements added to the underlying Qoppa’s Java PDF Library.