Below are the release notes for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server 2019R1.

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Version v2019R1.10 – April 07 2023

JPDF-1JPDF-1868 – DocuSign: Missing font in signature field DA String causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException671 – Optimizing a PDF with JPEG images with Decode Array sometimes results in black pages
JPDF-1712 – Calling clearDocument() when a document is being printed causes a null pointer exception
PS-513 – Fix NPE when adding a header/footer.  Need to ensure the OCGs entry exists in the OCProperties dictionary
Document Specific: infinite loop on preflight result

Version v2019R1.09 – June 10 2020

PAS-783 – Convert PDF to HTML – Detect and handle BIDI and RTL to avoid Arabic text or parenthesis being flipped
JPDF-1653 – Concurrency issue when rendering pages with negative font size in multiple threads leading to displaying some pages with reversed text
JPDF-1646 – IRT annotations are not always imported correctly from FDF
JPDF-1644 – Document specific freezes on rendering due to Java bug for dashed stroke with very large dash phase
JPDF-1642 – IRT annotations not imported correctly from XFDF
JPDF-1651 – TTC font name check improvement
JPDF-1651 – Embedded TTC fonts in pdf/a treated as invalid and unfixable
JOFFICE-505 – Conversion from Word to PDF: Table header somehow duplicated at bottom of table
JOFFICE-506 – Conversion from Word to PDF: Auto resized columns in table are a bit off, causing text to wrap

Version 2019R1.08 – May 07 2020

JPDF-1637 – Document Specific: ClassCastException when creating a field due to invalid field format
JPDF-1636 – Handle formatting errors when getting decode parameters for JBIG2 images
JPDF-1599 – Convert lines line 0 width in PDF to 0.1 width in SVG so Browsers render them (PDF viewers render them as thin lines). The minimum stroke width of 0.1 is configurable under SVGOptions.
JPDF-1452 – Different order of preflight results annotations across various preflight runs (due to use of Hashmap)
JPDF-1451 – Document Specific: Resolve nullpointerexception when split by page due to copying fields with invalid formatting
JPDF-1429 – Remove assertion that was there for debugging purposes
JOFFICE-502 – Word to PDF: Add support for repeating table header row on every page
JOFFICE-501 – Word to PDF: Add basic support for footnotes

Version 2019R1.07 – April 01 2020

JOFFICE-500 – Excel to PDF Improvements: Add Support for Formula String type in cells, basic header & footer, scaleproperty, pagesetup properties, pagebreak on rows
JPDF-1448 – Invalid Digital Signatures: Improve error message & log when there is an error during validation
JPDF-1447 – Document Specific: NullPointerException when opening a PDF form due to an invalid widget
JPDF-1446 – DocumentSpecific: ClassCastException when reading form field entries due to invalid formatting
JPDF-1444 – wraparound search issue with CJK ideographs mixed with CJK punctuation
JPDF-1435 – Ignore prefix when trying to match on embedded font subsets in form fields rendering
JPDF-1440 – Implement pdf color transfer function (similar to blend modes) when rendering or printing
JPDF-1439- NullPointerException when importing a line annotation with zero length
JPDF-1437 – Inline images with LZW compression turn black when page is resized or optimized
JPDF-1436 – Stackoverflow error when merging 2 documents (due to recursive resource reference)
JPDF-1442 – PDF/A 2b document valid in Adobe Acrobat gives a validation error in JPDFPreflight “Page uses transparency but has no Blending Color Space”

Version 2019R1.06 – January 30 2020

PAS-682 – Update welcome page shipped with installer (displayed when server is down)
PAS-671 – Web Viewer Demo: Preserve CJK & special characters in filenames when uploading
PAS-630 – Add REST API endpoint to append other document formats to an existing PDF
PAS-629 – Add REST API endpoint to resize PDF pages
PAS-628 – Add REST APIs to add images and text to PDF pages
JPDF-1430 – Document Specific: Fix classcastexception when loading / rendering annotations due to invalid entry in DA dictionary
JPDF-1423 – Fix Black Annotations created with Apple Pencil by implementing mask support for JPEG2000 images
PS-4857 – Improve UTF-8 BOM support in form fields, currently show “þÿ” in some text fields
JPDF-1421 – Regression: Include java files in sample jar files instead of only compiled class file
JOFFICE-499 – Handle better bold fonts in EMF tables
JOFFICE-497 – Implement support for margins & anchor position for textbox inside of DrawingML shape
JOFFICE-493 – Word to PDF Conversion: Handle transform and clipping on EMF images+ Improve PNG image resolution issue due to Indirect color model
JPDF-1426 – PDF/A Validation: Getting “Length field of stream dictionary” error when the PDF contains an attachment

Version 2019R1.05 – October 05 2019

JPDF-1414 – Add support for Type 3 fonts when converting to HTML / SVG

Version 2019R1.04 – October 03 2019

PAS-465 – Add PAS fallback font when converting Microsoft Word & Excel files to PDF
PAS-510 – Separate settings for Word to PDF and Excel to PDF under Office Settings dialog
PAS-530 – Escape apostrophe in filenames in PDF showcase
PAS-536 – Web Viewer: Zooming in Chrome shifts all the annotations to the left
PAS-535 – Web Markup: Can’t save the document when creating annotation and deleting page
PAS-534 – Web Markup: Reload thumbnails on save
JPDF-1413 – Handle better saving & opening file attachments with invalid characters in file name for each given operating system
JPDF-1412 – Document Specific: Text is not showing behind an indexed image with color key mask
JOFFICE-492 – Column sizing issue with auto-size and page margins
JOFFICE-455 – Scatter Plot EMF not rendering correctly (scale and location)

Version 2019R1.03 – September 10 2019

PAS-529 – Web Viewer Fix issue with text search
JOFFICE-490 – Right aligned bolded text appears to not align properly
JOFFICE-489 – Footer contained in Text Frame missing from output PDF
JSVG-184 – Add support for links to specific location on the page instead of just page level links. Links within SVG elements work in Chrome and Safari, they are not supported in Safari, MS Edge or Internet Explorer.
JSVG-184 – Support in-document links when converting PDF to SVG / HTML (page level anchor only)

Version 2019R1.02 – August 14 2019

PAS-515 – Check email for attached file is not working with Non-ASCII filenames (encoding needed)
JPDF-1400 – Document Specific Class cast exception due to an XObject containing a dictionary instead of a stream
JOFFICE-485 – TOC/internal links don’t always go to exactly the correct/ideal location
JOFFICE-484 – Bookmarks and Internal Links don’t work when converting Word 97 .doc files to .pdf
JOFFICE-483: Some hyperlinks inside table cells are not created with the correct position when converting docx to PDF
JOFFICE-482 – Document Specific: Some external links are not converting correctly when converting docx Word documents to PDF
JSVG-182 – Document Specific: Array Out Of Bound Exception in Java Font Glyph Retrieval when converting PDF to HTML

Version 2019R1.01 – May 24 2019

PAS-474 – Analyze page content when splitting by blank page and a tolerance setting in Split PDF Job

Version 2019R1.00 – May 16 2019

PAS-472 – Regression: Print jobs not working sometimes
PAS-455 – Allow single set of credentials in Alfresco properties file
PAS-454 – Web Viewer & Notes: Scroll to next page on timer in page by page view
PAS-454 – Web Viewer & Notes: Page Up & Down keys in page by page view
PAS-453 – Annotation time is off in zones East of GMT 0’00
PAS-451 – Add source IP in logs of REST calls
PAS-450 – PDF list does not handle filename with special characters correctly
PAS-447 – Web Viewer: Thumbnails don’t fit in the pane
PAS-446 – Add Simple SVG / HTML View for whole document in PAS Viewer Demo
PAS-445 – REGRESSION: Unable to open password protected files
PAS-442 – Duplicated folders are created on upload dialog
PAS-438 – PAS Install4J errors
PAS-437 – Ignore missing developer “map” JavaScript files
PAS-436 – Mixed content errors in web console
PAS-424 – Rename ‘version’ to ‘pasVersion’ in PreflightInformationModel
+ All improvements added to PDF libraries v2019R1.