Below are the release notes for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server 2019R1.

Download PDF Automation Server v2019R1

Version 2019R1.05 – October 05 2019

JPDF-1414 – Add support for Type 3 fonts when converting to HTML / SVG

Version 2019R1.04 – October 03 2019

PAS-465 – Add PAS fallback font when converting Microsoft Word & Excel files to PDF
PAS-510 – Separate settings for Word to PDF and Excel to PDF under Office Settings dialog
PAS-530 – Escape apostrophe in filenames in PDF showcase
PAS-536 – Web Viewer: Zooming in Chrome shifts all the annotations to the left
PAS-535 – Web Markup: Can’t save the document when creating annotation and deleting page
PAS-534 – Web Markup: Reload thumbnails on save

Version 2019R1.03 – September 10 2019

PAS-529 – Web Viewer Fix issue with text search
+ Some fixes to Word to PDF conversion and PDF to HTML conversion

Version 2019R1.02 – August 14 2019

PAS-515 – Check email for attached file is not working with Non-ASCII filenames (encoding needed)
+ Fixes / Changes to Qoppa’s underlying PDF libraries

Version 2019R1.01 – May 24 2019

PAS-474 – Analyze page content when splitting by blank page and a tolerance setting in Split PDF Job

Version 2019R1.00 – May 16 2019

PAS-472 – Regression: Print jobs not working sometimes
PAS-455 – Allow single set of credentials in Alfresco properties file
PAS-454 – Web Viewer & Notes: Scroll to next page on timer in page by page view
PAS-454 – Web Viewer & Notes: Page Up & Down keys in page by page view
PAS-453 – Annotation time is off in zones East of GMT 0’00
PAS-451 – Add source IP in logs of REST calls
PAS-450 – PDF list does not handle filename with special characters correctly
PAS-447 – Web Viewer: Thumbnails don’t fit in the pane
PAS-446 – Add Simple SVG / HTML View for whole document in PAS Viewer Demo
PAS-445 – REGRESSION: Unable to open password protected files
PAS-442 – Duplicated folders are created on upload dialog
PAS-438 – PAS Install4J errors
PAS-437 – Ignore missing developer “map” JavaScript files
PAS-436 – Mixed content errors in web console
PAS-424 – Rename ‘version’ to ‘pasVersion’ in PreflightInformationModel

This version also includes all the improvements and bug fixes that were added to the underlying PDF engine in the last year and that will be released in the coming version of the libraries v2019R1.