Below are the release notes for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server 2021R1.

Download PDF Automation Server v2021R1

This version comes with a lot of new nodes to the workflow module, new and updated endpoints to the REST API and many enhancements to the server manager and settings. It’s never been easier to automate your PDF documents processes and flows on the server.

Note: License keys for v2021R1 are different than for v2020R3. Customers upgrading to the latest version will need to contact Qoppa’s licensing team to obtain new license keys.

Version 2021R1.11 – April 05 2023

PAS-1124 – Change Default Watch & Email Delay from 1 Second to 5 Seconds
JOFFICE-631 – Convert Word to PDF: Error handling empty numbered paragraph – “<parameter4>” is null
JOFFICE-632 – Convert Word to PDF: Throw a warning for Strict Open XML format not supported to avoid IllegalArgumentException
JOFFICE-633 – Convert Word to PDF: Some boxes / path objects with light grey border displayed in Adobe
JPDF-1994 – Cleanup Replacement Fonts
JPDF-1834 – Oracle Forms swing events & exception with empty typewriter followed by save

Version 2021R1.10 – July 28 2022

PAS-1116 – Issue with http request node and send payload checkbox for text types + close the stream at a later time

Version 2021R1.09 – July 21 2022

PAS-1117 – Line Feed Added to Variable in XmlToVariable Node
PAS-1115 – Page range field – Add support for formulas and don’t throw a validation error
JPDF-1914 – Text selection issue with CJK text in tables across 2 columns
JOFFICE-628 – Word to PDF: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 12 in Paragraph Numbering
PS-6356 – Some Docusign signatures marked as unknown due to missing type in DDS dictionary

Version 2021R1.08 – June 20 2022

PAS-1100 – Rest API: Use Filename for Title of PDF/A Validation Report when Document Title is not set
PAS-1106 – Http Request Header Variable does not get resolved

Version 2021R1.07 – May 12 2022

JPDF-1845 – Add mapping to SignatureHelper.ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHMS for SHA512withRSA
PAS-1098 – Auto Rotate Pages / Set Auto Page Orientation when running OCR in OCR Node & REST API
PAS-1097 – Improve annotation size / bounds on the page when adding a large image as stamp (allow for margins)
PAS-1096 – Workflow: Add option to include payload to zipped error report per troublehandling output type
JOFFICE-620 – Word to PDF: Fix issue with a row minimum height taller than the available space (infinite loop) + validate document type
JOFFICE-617 – Some logging to help identify possible threading / synchronization issue when laying out text
PS-6206 – Document specific: Error loading PDF array copy: source index -1

Version 2021R1.06 – April 12 2022
PAS-1094 – Watch Folder: Corrupted PDF does not get handled as defined under Flow Properties – Troublehandling
PS-6193 – Signature validation shows content added after first signature when we look at most recent DSS entry
PAS-1095 – Make sure to close input stream for invalid documents so files can be deleted

Version 2021R1.05 – April 01 2022

PAS-1092 – Hide unfinished international labels that were published by accident
PS-6173 – “Stencil Mask” with image using JBIG2 compression was being decompressed twice and rendered incorrectly
JPDF-1872 – Fix for possible vulnerability in digital signature validation (incremental save) as reported by Raphael Sütterlin of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum
JOFFICE-615 – Word to PDF Conversion: Missing dots before page number in table of content and missing underline in sub-section
PS-6118 – Document Specific: Fix error when filling out NYC income tax form due to infinite loop in JavaScript calculation

Version 2021R1.04 – February 24 2022

PAS-1085 – Changes in email node message body field does not mark flow as modified
PAS-1083 – Newline characters break regex for matching variables
FPO-60 – REST API does not use settings in Font Substitution table when converting Word/Excel to PDF & Preflighting PDFs

Version 2021R1.03 – February 21 2022

PAS-1082 – Send Email Node: Add Variables for To & Cc Fields
JOFFICE-611 – Convert Word to PDF – Unable to layout document due to table width set to 0 + Improve support for multiple polygons in EMF images
JPDF-1870 – Error merging PDFs when merging tag structure when “document” node has no children
PS-5379 – Fallback on SHA256 for PDF v1.5 & below when SHA1 doesn’t work (Signing with USB Token on Linux)
PAS-1040 – PDF Web Annotator: Reload Annotations After Saving

Version 2021R1.02 – January 20 2022

PAS-1079 – Web Editor: Deleting the last page does not work
PAS-1040 – Redo saving of annotations from Web Editor to allow multiple users annotating (i.e. incremental saving)
JOFFICE-605 – Convert Word to PDF – Add support for Raised Position Property
JPDF-1847 – Fix error when merging PDF with tags when parent tree is an empty array
JPDF-1867 – Fix Invalid Byte range in Docusign digital signature validation
PAS-1078 – Web Annotator: Fix Error (XML Parse Exception) when saving a form with no fill permissions
PAS-1078 – Web Annotator: Review permissions enforcement
JPDF-1846 – Handle UTF8 encoding in rubber stamp appearance dictionary in XFDF import file

Version 2021R1.01 – Nov 29 2021

PAS-1073 – PDF Web Viewer & SVG Conversion: Fix annotations position on PDF pages that are cropped
PAS-1069 – Pop3 Office365 SSL Email Handshake Exception – TSL / SSL Protocol Issue + Handle shared mailbox email address validation
PS-5908 – Improper handling of object streams when saving PDF files sometimes leading to bigger file size
PAS-1067 – Update installation should install in the existing directory (only one version of PAS should be present on a server)
JPDF-1723 – Do not enforce Text & Graphics extraction permission when converting PDF to HTML / SVG for viewing
PAS-1071 – “Stopping incoming process due to too many errors” doesn’t stop flow
PAS-1070 – Regression: Extra spacing on 4k Monitor in Jobs
PAS-1068 – Regression: NullPointerException when creating or editing a Job
JPDF-1833 – Incorrect encoding of special tabs and newline chars when adding keywords into XMP Metadata

Version 2021R1.00 – October 14 2021

Workflow Module

PAS-1049 New PAS Node – Convert PowerPoint to PDF
PAS-918  New PAS Node – Convert PDF to Postscript
PAS-582 New PAS Node – ANT Task Node
PAS-916 New PAS Node – Convert JSON to XML
PAS-917 New PAS Node – Convert XML to JSON
PAS-973 New PAS Node – Discard message
PAS-921 New PAS Node – Apply Redactions
PAS-982 New PAS Node – Create Redaction Annotations
PAS-929 New PAS Node – Move File
PAS-932 New PAS Node – Read File
PAS-928 New PAS Node – Copy File
PAS-930 New PAS Node – Rename File
PAS-931 New PAS Node – Delete File
PAS-933 New PAS Node – Create Directory
PAS-595 New PAS Node – String Parser / Function
PAS-990 New PAS Node – Split by barcode
PAS-939 New PAS Node – XMP Metadata to XML payload
PAS-934 New PAS Node – New Read Files from Folder
PAS-940 New PAS Node – XML payload to XMP Metadata
PAS-937 New PAS Note – Scheduler
PAS-936 New PAS Node – Command Line
PAS-949 New PAS Node – Extract Text / PDF to Text
PAS-673 New PAS Node: Extract Barcode Data (value)
PAS-974 Add new overall flow status banner in flow editor
PAS-922 Rename Node from “Secure” to “Secure with Password”
PAS-895 PAS Node – PDF Text to Variable: When no text content is found should still create a variable with a “null” value
PAS-1063 HTTP Request node: Connection error displays
PAS-1033 HTTP Request Incoming Node: NPE with GET
PAS-993 HTTP Listener Node: Error response when using HTTPS
PAS-873 HTTP Listener Node: Allow 2 different handlers/nodes at the same host/port/basepath
PAS-885 HTTP Listener: Check other flows for same HTTP listener
PAS-907 HTTP Response Node: layout and label tweaks
PAS-1006 HTTP Listener: Review Node
PAS-924 HTTP Request Add variables to http request body
PAS-927 Add “Help” button to workflow editor
PAS-615 Fix Scan PDF Node
PAS-923 Improve node selection GUI
PAS-975 Improve validation of empty nodes
PAS-1007 Long Flow name is cut
PAS-995 Pop up editor for long text field values
PAS-1022 Redesign Variable insert dialog to document both functions & variables
PAS-1028 “Message” group variables missing from variable insert tool for some inputs
PAS-1029 Variables used in default value are not parsed / replaced
PAS-1036 Add variable buttons to Search & Redact and Search & Markup
PAS-897 FlowVariable.formatValue returns null for String objects
PAS-1039 Watch folder Date type variable should have a date picker for default value
PAS-972 Processing nodes do not properly check for subsequent nodes
PAS-680 When adding a Replicate Node, make sure to fit all paths to view area
PAS-709 Mask formatter for strings
PAS-686 Variable tab enhancements
PAS-1015 Palette UI enhancements


PAS-955 REST API – Add endpoint to import annotations in FDF and XFDF format
PAS-963 REST API – Add endpoint for signature validation information
PAS-951 REST API – Add endpoint  for Overlay Compare 2 PDFs
PAS-1050 REST API – Add endpoint to Convert PowerPoint to PDF
PAS-958 REST API – Add endpoint to work with document metadata
PAS-941 REST API – Add endpoint to Create new blank document
PAS-957 REST API – Add plain text as a possible return when getting document content
PAS-959 REST API – Fix typo in documentation for endpoint
PAS-964 REST API – Changes to “pages” endpoints
PAS-473 REST API –  Improve error message when file is not found
PAS-962 REST API – Update preflight conversion endpoint
PAS-960 REST API – Add file size field to list of files when getting folder info
PAS-281 REST API – PDF to Images – Add width height parameters
PAS-956 REST API – Update documentation on GET document endpoint
PAS-1052 PAS pdfapi REST endpoints documentation
PAS-998 Fill in Javadocs for the Management REST API
PAS-61 Print in reverse order
PAS-1024 watermark text area should not expand when text is too long
PAS-1023 Calendar date picker issues with HiDPI monitor

PDF Web HTML Viewer / Annotator / Editor 

PAS-316 Add web viewer options / settings for customization
PAS-403 Make it easier to customize toolbar and default tool options
PAS-426 New Bookmarks Pane in web viewer
PAS-889 Mobile WebPDF Viewer – Add Document properties
PAS-887 PDF Viewer Change “Document Properties” Label in to an icon with tooltip
PAS-448 Mobile Web PDF Viewer: Ability to Search Text
PAS-575 Mobile Web PDF Editor – Add image stamp tool
PAS-301 Redaction tool enhancements: Drag over text or CTRL + Drag for lasso selection
PAS-863 Implement Copy + Paste for Annotations
PAS-294 Add double touch to start editing textbox annotations
PAS-444 Add drag and drop functionality to file uploads
PAS-908 Sticky Note icon rotation and scale
PAS-1043 Web PDF Viewer: Bookmark highlight does not update based on document location
PAS-414 Web PDF Viewer: Display Comment Popup on all Annots, not only Sticky Note
PAS-789 Mobile PDF Viewer: Thumbnails do not display rotated pages correctly
PAS-849 Mobile PDF Viewer: Continuous view for mobile viewer
PAS-379 Web Viewer: Text highlights don’t print correctly
PAS-779 Text Markup tools not showing up in Chrome
PAS-966 Web PDF Viewer should enforce printing permissions
PAS-411 Update all web viewer plugin libraries
PAS-449 Remove all external dependencies from the webviewers
PAS-383 Improve alert/error/message dialogs shown to the user
PAS-284 Download PDF does not work in iOS device
PAS-892 Scale blank pages on zoom for continuous view & add placeholder
PAS-793 Double slash in REST API Calls to Edit PDFs in Web Markup
PAS-983 Continuous view – jumps multiple pages when clicking “next page”
PAS-987 Search result is cut-off when searching in Continuous view
PAS-340 Mac, Linux: “Sticky” button dismiss quickly
PAS-799 Improve error message when trying to view a PDF with text and graphics extraction restrictions
PAS-948 Web Editor: Enforce document permissions + download button broken on signed documents

General Application Enhancements 

PAS-943 Allocate memory during install based on available system RAM
PAS-888 Update OCR version to 4.1.1 & Languages Files
PAS-845 New scheduler options to delete files from the server
PAS-505 Options to Export / Import Flow charts
PAS-884 Rename IP setting to “All available IPs”
PAS-864 Manage and use multiple digital IDs when signing a document
PAS-788 Add Settings for Trusted Certificates
PAS-970 Issues with Java node to set a variable
PAS-841 Package additional fonts to use in Font Substitution Table for Linux
PAS-814 Add Font Substitution Table
PAS-711 Watermark Justification
PAS-875 Add Word to PDF Image conversion preferences (DPI 50 to 1200)
PAS-840 Add warning or auto restart server when storage service is changed
PAS-1030 Buttons to manually restart PAS or the REST service
PAS-279 Enable server compression
PAS-1008 Show notification to user that flow is being stopped
PAS-1037 Variable insert tool should replace highlighted text
PAS-691 Add support for Variable “Functions”
PAS-642 Password Field Enhancements
PAS-1003 Update L&F to FlatLaF
PAS-910 Add System Digital IDs to preferences
PAS-1042 Default signature icon too small in Signature Prefs
PAS-781 Add a setting to not render digital signature status in PAS
PAS-900 Wait cursor when searching full log
PAS-743 Move some of the REST calls initiated from PAS Manager to the server to the background
PAS-904 Doc specific: PDFA conversion fails on Linux due to missing font
PAS-985 Report Java build number
PAS-986 Review different appearance stream on a valid digital signature
PAS-835 Design: Review temp file naming to avoid name conflicts
PAS-1016 Only match the major version for PAS Manager to connect to PAS Server
PAS-837 Allow users to cancel connect dialog when they’re already connected
PAS-994 List of popular functions to add to the new parser
PAS-430 Server side exception saving document should be thrown
PAS-913 Default fallback font should be DroidSansFallbackFull packaged with installation on ALL Products
PAS-1054 Make Problems Panel list clickable
PAS-909 Add Double Click to Display Certificate Details Dialog for Trusted Certificates


PAS-984 Refresh issue with log table (old records, or empty table) when switching between servers
PAS-382 Temp files in PAS not always deleted
PAS-241 PDF Showcase: Alphabetize PDF list page
PAS-879 Missing slash in document href when getting Folder json
PAS-98 Reorganize threading in PAS
PAS-971 Fallback Welcome.html page path is incorrect
PAS-74 Support for SFTP – requested by existing customer
PAS-997 Generate Enunciate docs for the manager service
PAS-512 “From Email address” field under global smtp settings does not work
PAS-537 Zooming does not work on Chrome when viewing a document as SVG/HTML
PAS-420 IE11 – “Log Out” button does not change to “Log In” when selecting
PAS-891 Detect changes in JFormattedTextField
PAS-1011 It does not remove highlight on User Guide and Log
PAS-1019 Text fields are cut-off or spilled out when logging in REST users
PAS-1004 Error retrieving deleted trusted certificate
PAS-1038 Not able to stop a running flow
PAS-1001 Replace variable formats on upgrade
PAS-1044 Invalid password error displays when I select Cancel on Digital ID import dialog
PAS-1046 Setting incorrect server causes endless error loop
PAS-1048 Remove “File name pattern” option from Read files from Folder node
PAS-872 Handlers don’t work after restarting the HttpService in HttpListener node
PAS-1061 Updating REST preferences should update info panels

Improvements added to the underlying Qoppa’s Java PDF Library v2021R1.