Below are the release notes for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server 2020R2.

Download PDF Automation Server v2020R2

This version comes with a lot of improvements to the mobile PDF viewer & editor.

Note: License keys for v2020R2 remain the same as for v2020R1, so there is no need to request new keys.

Version 2020R2.00 – September 14 2020
PAS-838 Fix NPE on PAS Manager Startup When PAS Server is down
PAS-823 PAS Manager – Launching system web browser on Linux doesn’t work
PAS-818 PAS license key for v2020R1 should continue to work for v2020R2
PAS-817 Storage folder is not automatically created on Linux installations
PAS-816 Word Convert – Option to auto create bookmarks based on headings
PAS-815 Node variable modifications are not marking Flow as modified
PAS-811 Change Default REST API Thread Number to 4
PAS-810 Mobile PDF Viewer – Dropdown options display on top of the menu
PAS-808 Mobile PDF Viewer – Not able to dismiss Search dialog
PAS-807 Mobile PDF Viewer – Tapping on an item from the search result list does not work on some browsers
PAS-806 Mobile PDF Viewer – Drag to highlight is not working on
PAS-805 Mobile PDF viewer – Permission info on security tab is cut-off on
PAS-803 Mobile PDF viewer – Regression: “Show Thumbnails” button is no longer working
PAS-801 PDF Showcase right-click and open in new tab for HMTL / SVG Conversion is not working
PAS-799 Improve error message when trying to view / edit a document that has restrictions on text and graphics extraction
PAS-798 There is some text clipping when typing in interactive text fields in the web viewer on some browsers
PAS-795 OCR Licensing is broken with new XML license keys.
PAS-787 Improvements Web Viewer and Mobile Web Viewer
PAS-786 Mobile PDF Viewer: Fit to Page is resizing the page incorrectly
PAS-785 PAS Upgrade / Deployment Enhancements
PAS-784 The default date value for Date variable and the Created date value not getting saved
PAS-783 Convert PDF to HTML – Detect and handle BIDI and RTL to avoid Arabic text or parenthesis being flipped
PAS-782 Problem saving flows for specific time zones Locales
PAS-780 Improve Digital Signature Certificate Store Discovery
PAS-776 Connecting to remote machine with lots of logs causes performance issues
PAS-770 “Allow empty values” option for PDF text to variables
PAS-769 Add an ‘x’ to palette’s search field to clear
PAS-767 Sign document with Acroform but no signature field causes null pointer exception
PAS-766 PDF Showcase & Web PDF Annotator: Upload PDF function does not work in Internet Explorer
PAS-764 Warning message on unchanged settings
PAS-754 Add page range options to delete comments node
PAS-701 At RUNTIME replace invalid characters with “_” on file save or directory creation
PAS-679 Improvements to REST samples pages
PAS-318 Add a new tool for rectangular “lasso” text highlight

+ All improvements added to the underlying Qoppa’s Java PDF Library v2020R2.