Below are the release notes for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server 2020R1.

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Version v2020R1 is a major release for PDF Automation as it adds a powerful visual workflow module allowing customers to easily design and implement very complex flows.

Version 2020R1.05- August 30 2020
PAS-811: Change Default REST API Thread Number to 4. The REST API thread number can be edited under PAS Manager -> Preferences > REST. When this valued is changed, on save, the REST server will be restarted.
PAS-817: During new installations on Linux, the storage folder was not created automatically
PAS-803: Regression: “Show Thumbnails” button is no longer working on mobile viewer
PAS-802: Regression: Unable to delete redaction annotations

Version 2020R1.04- July 23 2020
PAS-798 – Fix offset issue with filling interactive text fields due to incorrect line height
PAS-528 – “Redirect” checkbox does not work correctly on Http request node

Version 2020R1.03 – July 20 2020
PAS-794 – There is some text clipping when creating text boxes in the PDF Web Viewer
PAS-791 – PDF Showcase: Browsing / Upload to the same file is not working after deleting the file
PAS-318 – Show a warning when there is no text in the selected area
PAS-792 – JAX-RS Exception shown in log for PreflightResultsModel
PAS-766 – PDF Showcase & Web PDF Annotator: Upload PDF function does not work in Internet Explorer
PAS-784 – More fixes with date variables
PAS-786 – Web PDF Viewer on Mobile Devices: Fit to Page is resizing the page incorrectly
PAS-795 – Fix some issues with new XML license keys – Contact us for new key
PAS-795 – Regression: OCR function was adding a watermark to documents
JPDF-1668 – Document Specific: Some checkboxes are checked after converting to PDF/A

Version 2020R1.02 – July 08 2020
PAS-784 Default date value for Date variable and Created date value not getting saved
PAS-318 Fixed icon image for select text
JPDF-1666 Regression handle better importing fields with invalid rich text entry
JPDF-1659 Document Specific: Opening doc gives an Illegal character 110 in hex string
JPDF-1661 Document Specific: Handle better invalid pages, currently throwing NullPointerException + endofstream not found

Version 2020R1.01 – July 02 2020
PAS-318 Add a new rectangular lasso text highlight tool
PAS-783 Convert PDF to HTML – Detect and handle BIDI and RTL to avoid Arabic text or parenthesis being flipped
PAS-779 Web Annotator: Text Markup tools were not showing up in Chrome
PAS-782 Problem saving flows in some time zones / locales
PAS-780 Improve Digital Signature Certificate Store Discovery
JPDF-1666 handle better importing annotations with invalid rich text entry
JPDF-1658 handle better line dashes patterns numbers that are negative or all zeros (dash lengths all zero)
JPDF-1656 handle better importing an XFDF annotation with invalid command colors
JPDF-1655 Handle better importing an XFDF file containing invalid polygon annotation vertices
JPDF-1651 Give a PDF/A validation error for fonts embedded as TTC (True Type Collection)
JOFFICE-506 Convert Word to PDF: Table header duplicated at bottom of table
JOFFICE-506 Convert Word to PDF: Auto resized columns in table are a bit off, causing text to wrap
JPDF-1653 Concurrency issue when rendering pages with negative font size in multiple threads leading to displaying some pages with reversed text
JPDF-1652 PDF/UA verification adds annotations for bad links in the wrong page and location
JPDF-1646 IRT annotations are not always imported correctly from FDF
JPDF-1644 Document specific freezes on rendering due to Java bug for dashed stroke with very large dash phase
JPDF-1642 IRT annotations not imported correctly from XFDF

Version 2020R1.00 – May 15 2020
PAS-778 Update PAS & Libraries to build with Install4J8
PAS-777 Linux: Fonts on PAS Manager does not look good
PAS-776 Connecting to remote machine with lots of logs causes performance issues and loads the logs in portions?…
PAS-775 Print node broken when connecting remotely
PAS-772 Add “Is Empty” option to variable logic
PAS-771 Logic node does not immediately validate fields
PAS-767 Sign document with acroform but no signature field causes null pointer exception
PAS-765 Log table enhancements
PAS-763 MAC: Could not create sample pdf files when installing PAS
PAS-762 Test Connection on email settings doesn’t check authentication
PAS-761 Null $[msg.number] variable
PAS-760 PAS Shortcut keys
PAS-759 Improve Double Click
PAS-758 Initial Palette View Partially Collapsed by default
PAS-757 Dashboard Title and License Status Inconsistency
PAS-756 Templates should be cleared and reloaded each time a new connection is made
PAS-755 Display name and description do not update the graph layout
PAS-753 Delete pages node should not have “all pages” as an option
PAS-752 Missing validations in node properties
PAS-750 Optimizer node tweaks
PAS-748 Review defaulting of fallback font settings
PAS-747 Watermark, Headers, Content Node tweak
PAS-746 PDF/A node layout tweaks
PAS-745 PDF to Image Node layout tweaks
PAS-744 Trouble Handling validation
PAS-740 Remove Old Client
PAS-739 Logic Node GUI tweaks
PAS-738 Send email node layout tweaks
PAS-737 Email Preference Enhancements
PAS-735 Can’t use variables on HTTP Request nodes
PAS-734 It overwrites existing flows when flow ID is already exist
PAS-733 Trouble handling does not save error file in correct directory
PAS-732 Label Changes
PAS-731 HTTP Request UI Tweaks
PAS-730 PDF to image UI tweaks
PAS-729 Send Email node: Unknown E-Mail error displays
PAS-728 New License Details Tile on Dashboard
PAS-727 Mini warning icons for incomplete jobs / flows
PAS-725 Unable to edit existing flows
PAS-724 With Email as the Source, can’t move to next screen of job wizard
PAS-723 Label issues based on PAS-647 Standard PAS Property Panel Design Guidelines
PAS-722 Create v2020R1 PAS User Guide
PAS-721 Increase default memory allocation for PAS
PAS-720 Combine calls to get server stats into one
PAS-719 Output filenames in trouble handling should use $[msg.payloadName] and $[msg.payloadExt]
PAS-718 Http request output node
PAS-717 Flow properties panel needs validation
PAS-716 Remove selection border from palette
PAS-715 $[src.filePath] does not get the file path from source folder
PAS-714 General Tab Node Property Panel Label Tweaks
PAS-713 Email Node Validation
PAS-712 Flow not marked as modified by these settings
PAS-710 Node ID logging and display
PAS-708 Log undefined variables
PAS-707 Watermark location is incorrect
PAS-706 Variables Tab quirks and issues
PAS-705 Variables created in source / input folders don’t work
PAS-704 Deleting stopped flow throws warning message
PAS-703 Variables list should keep created order
PAS-702 Flows that create new docs have watermarks
PAS-701 At RUNTIME replace invalid characters with “_” on file save or directory creation
PAS-700 Filename & Folder fields should validate against allowed characters on the OS
PAS-699 Flow properties panel tab label is incorrect
PAS-698 Dashboard UI Tweaks PART IV
PAS-697 Add support for Variable formatting on output
PAS-695 Logger node improvements
PAS-693 Add version check for PAS Manager and Server
PAS-690 Add “Type” option to Variables Tab
PAS-689 Review PDF Automation Server requirements
PAS-688 Metadata Input/output Panel Issues
PAS-685 XML Data (Value?…) to Variable Node
PAS-684 Don’t remember frame size when maximized
PAS-683 Issues with the node palette filter
PAS-682 PAS Outdated welcome page shipped with installer
PAS-678 Pending documents tracking
PAS-677 Working folders not deleted
PAS-676 Trouble handling should attempt to create directories if they don’t exist
PAS-675 Support file access from remote drives
PAS-674 MessageProcessor should only process files that match the input MimeType
PAS-671 Web Viewer: Preserve CJK & special characters in filenames when uploading
PAS-670 Watch email node does not seem to work
PAS-669 Track Processed Documents in Flows
PAS-668 Manager Log Tables
PAS-666 Add file name to Flow log
PAS-665 Not showing the correct workflow after sorting
PAS-664 $[msg.startPage] variable value is incorrect
PAS-662 Issues with the handling of variables and their replacement in text
PAS-661 Errors and display issues in console
PAS-660 “src.mimeType” variable value is incorrect
PAS-659 Allow only one frame to be open for each Workflow
PAS-658 Can’t access trouble handling output file when QoppaPAS is running
PAS-657 New / Missing Flowchart variables
PAS-656 Search & Markup Node Tweaks
PAS-655 Remove browse icon on Watch Folder and Save File nodes when connecting to a remote server
PAS-654 Update description for variables in Variables Insert tool
PAS-653 Remove Flow from the FlowState
PAS-652 Message payload file naming
PAS-651 Zip Payload Node Enhancement
PAS-650 Dashboard UI Tweaks PART III
PAS-649 Focus on save dialog should remain in field when using arrow keys
PAS-648 Add SFTP option to FTP Input/Output Nodes
PAS-647 Standard PAS Property Panel Design Guidelines
PAS-646 Improve qflow file location label
PAS-645 Word conversion not accurate for some Arabic letters
PAS-644 Improve file filter settings in Watch Folder
PAS-643 Friendly Mime Type names in metadata panel tree
PAS-641 Move flowchart properties to properties panel
PAS-640 Review variables with special characters on Variable Insert Tool
PAS-639 Add “Description” field when adding new variables
PAS-638 Versioning for qflow files
PAS-637 Add Validation to Signature Node
PAS-636 Watch Email node enhancements
PAS-635 FTP Output Node
PAS-634 Unzip payload node setting enhancements
PAS-633 Manager should only show 1 connection error
PAS-632 Default graph to Fit Page or store last view
PAS-631 Hide “Advanced” Tab in PropertyPanel when empty
PAS-630 In REST endpoint, add support for appending other document formats to an existing PDF
PAS-629 Add REST endpoint to resize pages
PAS-628 Add REST APIs to add images and text to pages
PAS-627 PDF to HTML Node Enhancements
PAS-626 Node Icon / label enhancements
PAS-625 Flow States
PAS-623 Detect when flow is modified
PAS-622 Insert Pages Node
PAS-621 Workflow chart / node enhancements
PAS-620 Secure PDF Node
PAS-619 Homogenize the PDF page range settings options across all nodes
PAS-618 Resize PDF Pages Node
PAS-617 PAS Outgoing email settings are not updated if it has been set in a flow
PAS-616 “Test Connection” button on preferences does not verify the email’s credentials
PAS-614 Clear PDF Security Node
PAS-613 Edit Document Properties
PAS-612 Sanitize PDF Node
PAS-611 Header / Footer PDF Node
PAS-610 Watermark PDF Node
PAS-609 Add Default Signature options panel to new Manager
PAS-608 Add context menus to jobs & flows in new manager
PAS-607 Custom Confirm Dialog for new UI
PAS-606 Old Client shows up when launching PAS Manager
PAS-605 Extract PDF Pages Node
PAS-604 User created variables should validate against already created variables
PAS-603 Split PDF Node
PAS-602 Node message IDs & part identification tracking system
PAS-601 PDF to TIFF Node Enhancements
PAS-600 PDF to PNG Node Enhancments
PAS-599 PDF to GIF Node
PAS-598 PDF to JPEG Node
PAS-597 Extract Images from PDF Node
PAS-596 Crop PDF Pages Node
PAS-594 Reverse PDF Pages Node
PAS-593 Rotate PDF Pages Node
PAS-592 Delete PDF Pages Node
PAS-591 Imposition Node
PAS-590 Improve Table Update Logic
PAS-589 Fast Sign Node
PAS-588 Digitally Sign PDF Node
PAS-587 Text to PDF Node
PAS-586 Rasterize PDF Node
PAS-585 Convert to Fast Web View Node
PAS-584 PDF to SVG Node
PAS-583 REST API Add Content-Type to Header response to identify file format / mime type for download
PAS-581 PAS Manager Help/About
PAS-578 Watch Folder and Watch Email nodes are no longer display the property settings
PAS-577 Save to File Node Settings Enhancements
PAS-576 Dashboard UI Tweaks PART II
PAS-573 Node options for “Passwords to try”
PAS-572 Extract attachments from PDF Node
PAS-571 Watch Folder Settings Improvements
PAS-570 Validate ZUGFeRD Node
PAS-569 Validate PDF/UA Node
PAS-568 Validate PDF/X Node
PAS-567 Validate PDF/A Node
PAS-566 Add Content to Page Node
PAS-564 Create Variable Node
PAS-563 PDF Text to Var node enhancements
PAS-562 Search & Redact Node
PAS-561 Variable insert tool
PAS-560 Additional variables for Node Property fields
PAS-559 Excel node settings copied over the Office Settings after running the workflow
PAS-556 Search & Markup Node
PAS-555 Reset Form Fields Node
PAS-554 Delete Comments Node
PAS-553 Flatten Comments Node
PAS-552 Flatten Fields Node
PAS-551 Import Comments Node
PAS-550 Export Comments Node
PAS-549 Import Form Fields Node
PAS-548 Export Form Fields Node
PAS-547 No longer obfuscate JavaScript files for web viewer
PAS-546 It overwrites the existing text when editing URL on PAS workflow
PAS-545 SFTP Input / Output nodes
PAS-544 FTP Input node
PAS-542 Unzip Payload Node
PAS-540 Dashboard UI Tweaks PART I
PAS-539 Extract XML Data Node
PAS-535 Can’t save the document when creating annotation and deleting page
PAS-533 Invalid XML error displays when scrolling on Thumbnails pane
PAS-530 Escape apostrophe in filenames in PDF showcase
PAS-528 “Redirect” checkbox does not work correctly on workflows
PAS-527 “Duplicate” option does not work for workflows
PAS-526 Properties (horizontal) bar position does not get saved when editing flow
PAS-525 Simple Logic Node
PAS-524 It ovewrites the existing text when editing text field on PAS Flow Editor
PAS-523 Image to PDF Node
PAS-522 Connection handling / retry attempts for remote nodes (i.e. http request, email, etc…)
PAS-521 Zip Payload Node
PAS-520 Default path for a workflow is not showing correctly for a remote server
PAS-519 4k issues on the new flow
PAS-518 HTTPRequest Incoming Node
PAS-516 Properties pane always collapsed
PAS-515 Check email for attached file is not working with Non-ASCII filenames (need to be encoded)
PAS-513 Performance Tracking Data for Flows
PAS-511 “Importance” and “Sensitivity” options don’t seem to work
PAS-509 Allow multiple input / source nodes
PAS-508 Workflow Properties
PAS-507 Undo/Redo for Adding/Removing Nodes
PAS-506 Linux: Cannot connect to PAS Server
PAS-504 Refactor PASLogger / logging for PAS
PAS-503 Node property panels might be able to be singletons
PAS-502 HTML5 PDF Notes: “Download Original”
PAS-501 Setup PAS Translations and Localization backend
PAS-500 Node Properties Panel
PAS-499 Node Palette Groups / Organization
PAS-498 Painting CMYK colors to a CMYK image mangles the colors.
PAS-497 Workflow Templates
PAS-496 Workflow Flowchart Editor
PAS-495 Export / Import options
PAS-494 DEVELOPMENT: merge flows task list into jobs task list.
PAS-493 Node: Convert PDF to HTML
PAS-492 Node: Optimize
PAS-491 Node Input / Output properties (metadata) panel
PAS-490 Flows: Fault Tolerance – Initial Message Only
PAS-489 Workflow / Node Validation
PAS-488 Ability to undo/redo edits in Flow Chart?…
PAS-486 derby.log should go in ProgramData
PAS-485 Node: Print PDF
PAS-484 Node: Convert PDF to PDF/A
PAS-483 Node: Perform OCR
PAS-482 Node: Convert Excel to PDF
PAS-481 Node: Convert Word to PDF
PAS-480 GUI for splitter nodes
PAS-479 Wrap and / or scale graph when it’s too big to fit in view
PAS-478 Improve node graphics
PAS-477 Flow chart drag and drop behavior
PAS-475 Create PAS 2019 user guide
PAS-471 Node: Receive EMails
PAS-470 Node: Send EMail
PAS-469 Node palette – Redesign and prettify
PAS-468 Architecture for handling splitter nodes
PAS-465 Add PAS fallback font when converting Word & Excel to PDF
PAS-464 Flow level trouble handling
PAS-460 Redesign PAS console / client
PAS-459 Design API to access the message and its payload
PAS-458 Node: HTTP / REST Request
PAS-457 Node: Java code
PAS-456 Issue connecting to service with old 8090 Port
PAS-452 Add timestamp to server_error.log and server_output.log
PAS-441 Keeps loading when selecting “X” to dismiss the password dialog
PAS-391 Annual registration mechanism
PAS-384 Right click menu is cut-off at the bottom
PAS-375 PAS v2019R2 Major Feature Planning
PAS-346 PAS Flowchart Module
PAS-315 Scribble sign for Web Viewer
PAS-222 Enhance the Email Message editor
PAS-83 Improvement event log table

+ All improvements added to PDF libraries v2020R1.