Below are the release notes for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server 2022R1.

Download PDF Automation Server v2022R1

This version comes with a lot of new nodes in the workflow / flowchart module, a new pluggable Authenticator Module for REST API and many enhancements to the server, and the client manager. It’s never been easier to automate your PDF documents processes and flows on the server!

Note: License keys for v2022R1 are different than for v2021R1. Customers upgrading to the latest version will need to contact Qoppa’s licensing team to obtain new license keys.

Version v2022R1.01 – September 22 2022

PAS-1156 – Error Rendering Page when displaying a PDF form containing an empty stream for a Form XObject
PAS-1155 – XML to JSON node: UTF-8 data does not work reading the XML and writing the JSON
PAS-1154 – JSON to XML Node: Always add default “” node
PAS-1153 – JSON to XML Node: Add UTF8 encoding and XML header
PAS-1149 – Paper size in Print node gets reset
Other fixes that made it to our underlying PDF SDK

Version v2022R1.00 Main Release – September 02 2022

Workflow / FlowChart Module
PAS-915- New Node! PAS Node – XSLT Transformation Node
PAS-613- New Node! Edit PDF Document Properties Node
PAS-1090- New Node! Assemble PDF Node: Assemble all PDFs contained in a zip file using alphabetical or last modified date order
PAS-1091- New Node! Convert Any to PDF Node (Converts Excel, Word, Images, Text & Powerpoint to PDF)
PAS-977 – New Node! Advanced PDF Text Extraction
PAS-979 – New Node! Node for Table Extraction similar to our Area Text Extraction
PAS-991 – New Node! Add PowerPoint to PDF to PDF Automation & freepdfonline
PAS-1055- Review Command Line node options
PAS-1047- HTTPListenerNode: Add validation for SSL configuration
PAS-1035- QHintTextField doesn’t work with variables
PAS-667- Add support for page labels in node settings
PAS-1111- Add BCC field to Send EMail node
PAS-1085- Changes in email node message body field does not mark flow as modified
PAS-696- Default value for “msg.payloadName” variable when value is unknown
PAS-1139- User Interface PDF to PDF/A node properties panel layout issues
PAS-1087- Handle better AccessDeniedException when accessing files in a watch folder – do not consider it as critical error
PAS-1000- Implement branching based on PDF permissions (added to pdf variable list)
PAS-18 – Add option to handle unrecognized files in folders
PAS-103 – Add PDF/X4 and X5 verification to Preflight Node
PAS-1126 – Fix issue in evaluation of Logic node condition
PAS-1124 – Change Default Watch & Email Delay from 1 Second to 5 Seconds
PAS-1123 – Regression: JSON to XML Node is now missing

PAS-871 32713 – New! Pluggable Authenticator Module for REST API
PAS-1088 – Update REST endpoint to create sessions to take authorization in the header
PAS-425 – Generate OpenAPI specs for REST API (raml, yaml, json)
PAS-1074 – Add HTML / SVG Conversion Options as General Settings in PAS
PAS-1080 – Add REST resource and APIs to work with file attachments
PAS-1081 – Add File Attachments to Web PDF Annotator
PAS-1100 – Rest API: Use Filename for Title of PDF/A Validation Report when Document Title is not set
PAS-407 – Show better error when upload fails due to no permission

PDF Web HTML Viewer / Annotator / Editor 
PAS-1053 – Mobile Web Viewer: Clicking X on Annotation Properties Dialog does not always Close the Dialog on Android
PAS-1093 – Error opening a PDF form + review locking of files in PAS Web Viewer
PAS-413 – HTML Viewer & Editor: New Comments Pane
PAS-1058 – Do not print pages that were just deleted
PAS-1119 – WebViewer: Setting annotation properties doesn’t always work
PAS-1144 – Option to turn off smoothing of pencil annotation in Web PDF Annotator
PAS-1110 – Regression: Drag & Drop thumbnails is broken in the web viewer
PAS-968 – Web PDF Editor: Added Document Modification Listeners to Mark a Document as Modified Felipe

PAS-1121 – Remove Linux 32bit Installer for PDF Automation Server (finally!)
PAS-1067 – Update installation should install in the existing directory, if any

Manager / Client
PAS-1138 – Add a Robots.txt file in the html folder of Qoppa PAS
PAS-1057 – UI updates for storage configuration
PAS-947 – Remove Jobs Module from PAS (replaced by the more powerful Wrokflow Module)
PAS-1101 – Change links for private domain to http instead of https to avoid getting a privacy warning
PAS-1104 – Improve Recent Events Table to handle very large number of logs
PAS-1099 – Throw Exception to User when SSL Config Fails
PAS-1109 – Error displays when checking “StartTLS” option: Update Version of Java mail + Use app passwords with gmail and yahoo
PAS-1112 – Fix issue with modal dialogs in PAS (makes the main application hide behind other application windows)|

PAS-1102 – Minimize memory usage when working with logs database to avoid event logs not showing in PAS Manager
PAS-1056 – Error handling for misconfigured alfresco
PAS-1103 – Keep the last 10 console log files for PAS
PAS-1086 – Change variable $[sys.env(VAR_NAME)] to work with expression language

+ All improvements added to the underlying Qoppa’s Java PDF Library v2022R1.